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Nurse's responsibility in the administration

Check the patients' name, bed number and other identifications

Nurse's responsibility in the administration


a)     Check the patients' name, bed number and other identifications


b)    Check the diagnosis and the age of the patient.


c)     Check the purpose of infusion.


d)    Check the physician's orders for the type of infusion fluid, the strength, the amount and the duration of infusion.


e)     Check the consciousness of the patient and his ability to follow the instructions.

f)      Check the general condition of the patient, whether overhydrated or dehydrated.


g)     Check the site of infusion - note the condition of the veins and tissue at the infusion site.

h)    Check the abilities and limitations of the patient.


i)       Check the need for additional restraints.


j)       Check the patient's previous experience with infusions.


k)    Check the articles available in the patient's unit.


l)       Check the articles for their working order, the sterility of drip sets and the fluid. Check the expiry date of the fluid. Check the fluid fix discolouration, suspended particles etc.

Preparation of articles




1.     I.V. solutions (sterile and clear) in required number of bottles for a day.


2.     Sterile I.V. tubing with attached drip chamber and damp.


3.     Sterile [Butterfly (or) real] needle with a protective on its needle.


4.     Sterile syringes (2 or c Needles no. 20) and


5.     Sterile transfer forceps in jar


6.     Sterile cotton swabs and, pieces in sterile containers


7.     Methylated spirit container


8.     Kidney tray and paper


9.     I Bowl with water


10.                        Tourniquet


11.                        Adhesive plaster with scissors Covered arm splint with the bandages.


12.                        Specimen bottles


13.                        Mackintosh and towel


14.                        Intravenous pole

Preparation of the patient


1.     Explain the procedure to the patient to win confidence and co-operation. Explain the sequence of the procedure and tell how he can co-operate in the procedure.


2.     Tactfully send the visitors out of the patient' s room.


3.     1f the general conditions allows ask the patient to wash hands with soap and water.


4.     Provide privacy with curtain and drapes.


5.     Restraint the site, in case of children.


6.     Offer the bed pan or urinal as needed.


7.     See that the patient has taken food or drink, if allowed.


8.     Check the vital signs and record it in the nurses record for the future reference.


9.     Divert the attention of the patient away from the infusion procedures by friendly conversations and by curious articles.


10.                        If any sedation is ordered, it may be given to quiet the patient.


11.                        Adjust the height of the bed for comfortable working of the nurse.


12.                        Clear the bedside table or overbed table and arrange the articles conveniently.


13.                        Place the patient in a comfortable and relaxed position suitable for the infusion site.


14.                        Select a site on the non-dominant arm to give maximum freedom for the patient.


15.                        Keep the I.V. stand in position.


16.                        Place the mackintosh and towel under area where the infusion is to be given.


17.                        Provide a good source of light if the lighting in the room is inadequate.


18.                        Call for assistance if necessary.

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