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Secret of Success | Term 3 Chapter 3 | 4th English - Never give up (Poem): Questions with Answers | 4th English : Term 3 Unit 3 : Secret of Success

Chapter: 4th English : Term 3 Unit 3 : Secret of Success

Never give up (Poem): Questions with Answers

4th English : Term 3 Unit 3 : Secret of Success : Never give up (Poem): Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution

A. Match the following rhyming words.

1. earn - glow

2. fend - day

3. slow - learn

4. play - end


1. earn - learn

2. fend - end

3. slow - glow

4. play - day


B. Fill in the blanks.

1. If the fisher draws his net soon, he won’t get fish in the net.

2. The child won’t learn anything, if he closes his ears.

3. A person who overcomes problems, will get success at the end.

4. Keep moving though your progress is slow.

5. Work or play, let us persevere.


C. Appreciation Questions.

1. Why should a fisherman wait?

A fisherman should wait for the fish to come into his net.

2. Who wins the world at the end?

One who tackles hurdles patiently will win the world at the end.

3. What happen to a child who shuts his ears?

A child who shuts up his ears will not learn anything

4. Should we worry when the progress is slow?

We should not worry when the progress is slow. We should continue to move.

5. What should we do for success?

For success we should have perseverance and hard work. We should continue to work. We should not give up our efforts.




Present continuous tense

Present continuous tense is used to describe the actions that are happening at moment of speaking or unfinished actions

The present participle form is used in present continuous tense with auxiliaries am, is and are. Come let us use it

Use watch in correct verb form to complete sentences.

I am watching TV. 

We are watching the show.

You are watching his dance.

He is watching TV with his friends.

She is watching her father cook.

It is watching the sky.

They are watching the match.

Let us see when to use present continuous tense.

Things that are happening now:

She is speaking over phone now.

They are watching tv.

Fixed actions in the near future

She is going to Trichy on Saturday.

Mary is going to a new school next term.

Say what they are doing now?

She is skipping.

Leema is speaking.

Nalini is walking.

Peter is playing.

He is painting.

Change the sentence into present continuous tense.

1. I read the story.

I am reading the story.

2. She plays the piano.

She is playing the piano.

3. Pinku works in a power plant.

Pinku is working in a power plant.

4. Ananthi helps her friend Janu.

Ananthi is helping her friend Janu.

5. They draw picture of a boy.

They are drawing the picture of a boy.

Complete the story using present continuous tense.

Shaheen : Hello, Varun?

Varun : Tell me Shaheen.

Shaheen : What are you doing?

Varun: I am reading.

Shaheen : Good. What is your Dad doing?

Varun : He is helping Mom

Shaheen : Your mom?

Varun : She is cooking.




Marty: Thank you for tuning into maple leafs. worldwide weather report we'll be checking on the weather all over the world with Tim Tiger. First Canada, how's the weather?

Tim Tiger: It's snowy! It's snowy in Canada.

Marty: Thank you Tim. Next, Mexico. Tim how's the weather?

Tim Tiger: It's sunny. It's sunny in Mexico.

Marty: Thank you Tim. Next, England. Tim how's the weather?

Tim Tiger: It's foggy. It's foggy in England.

Marty: Thank you Tim. Next, France. Tim how's the weather?

Tim Tiger: It's rainy. It's rainy in France.

Marty: Thank you, Tim. Next, Russia. Tim how's the weather?

Tim Tiger: It's cold. It's cold in Russia.

Marty: Thank you, Tim. Next, Australia. Tim how's the weather?

Tim Tiger: Hold on. I'm coming. It's hot. It's hot in Australia.

Marty: Are you okay Tim?

Tim Tiger: I'm good Marty. What's next?

Marty: Next is Japan.

Tim Tiger: Japan? Alright!

Marty: Next is Japan. Tim, how's the weather in Japan? Tim?

Tim Tiger: I'm coming

Marty: Tim!

Tim Tiger: Now, I'm on my way. Oh I'm almost there. It's cloudy.

 It's cloudy in Japan.

Marty: Thank you, Tim. Next is Mars.

Tim Tiger: Mars?

Marty: Yes Mars.

Tim Tiger: No Marty. I quit. Well thank you for tuning in to maple leafs worldwide weather! See you next time.


Listen to the audio and respond to the following questions.

1. It is _______ in Canada.

a) rainy

b) snowy

c) foggy

Answer: b) snowy

2. The weather is sunny in _______.

 a) Mexico

b) Canada

c) Japan

Answer: a) Mexico

3. The weather in England is_______.

 a ) cloudy

b) cold

c) foggy

Answer: c) foggy

4. The weather is hot in _______.

 a) Australia

b) France

c) Russia

Answer: a) Australia

5. It is so cloudy in _______.

 a) Canada

b) Japan

c) Mars

Answer: b) Japan 

Note to the teacher: Scan the QR code to listen to the audio. Let the children listen to the audio and answer the question. The listening passage is given at the end.




A boy and a girl are talking about their holiday.

Hey, there is no school from tomorrow.

Yeah, it is a holiday. What are you going to do?

I will first finish my homework, then I will play with my friends all day.

What will you play?

I am sure we will race with our cycles and play kabaddi. What are you going to do?

First, we will go to our village.

Wow. How will you go?

We will go by train.

What else will you do?

Next, we will visit our temple there and come back. I am waiting to meet all my relatives there.

What about your homework?

I will come back and do it in morning.

Okay. Make sure you have time to finish it.

Sure will. See you after the holidays!

See you!

When you want to talk about things to do in the holiday, you should always ask your friends and get to know more.

Some useful structures to ask:

Where are you going?

What are you going to do?

What will you do after that?

What will you before that?

When will you there?

How will you reach there?

How long does it take to reach there?

Some useful structures to answer:

I am going to Chennai.

I will travel by train.

It takes eight hours to reach.

First, I will go to my uncle’s house. Then,

I will go to Marina Beach.

I will also a Mall.

Note to the teacher: Make the children know how to express their holiday plan and experience.

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