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In our day to day life we use number of optical instruments.



In our day to day life we use number of optical instruments. Microscopes are inevitable in physics laboratory, biology laboratory and in medical laboratories. Also telescopes, binoculars, cameras and projectors are used in educational, scientific and entertainment fields. Do you know the basic components or parts used in these instruments? Mirrors and lenses! You can name some more optical instruments you have seen. Also, in our daily life we come across many optical illusions like mirage, rainbow, apparent bending of objects placed in liquids.

In this chapter, you will learn about the properties of plane mirror and spherical mirrors (concave and convex). Also you will learn about the properties of light, namely reflection and refraction and their applications.

Light is a form of energy and it travels in the form of electromagnetic waves. The branch of physics that deals with the properties and applications of light is called optics. The branch of optics that treats light as rays is named ray optics or geometrical optics and the branch of optics where the wave nature of light is considered is called wave optics.


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