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Chapter: 9th Science : Motion

Summary of Motion

Science : Motion


·        Motion is a change of position, which can be described in terms of the distance moved or the displacement.

·        The motion of an object could be uniform or non-uniform depending on its velocity.

·        The speed of an object is the distance covered per unit time and velocity is the displacement per unit time.

·        The acceleration of an object is the change in velocity per unit time.

·        Uniform and non-uniform motion of object can be shown through graphs.

The motion of an object at uniform acceleration can be described with the help of three equations, namely

v = u + at

s = ut + ½ a t2

 v2= u2 + 2as

where u is initial velocity of the object, v is its final velocity, s is the distance travelled in time t, a is the acceleration.

For a freely falling body the acceleration a is replaced by g.

An object under uniform circular motion experiences centripetal force.


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