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Chapter: Object Oriented Programming(OOP) : Overview of Java

Java - Operators

Syntax: target = expression;



         The Assignment Operator and Expressions

         Arithmetic Operators

         Operator Precedence

         Integer Division and Modulus

         Division by Zero

         Mixed-Type Arithmetic and Type Casting

         Shortcut Operators


Assignment Operator



target = expression;


expression: operators and operands that evaluate to a single value --value is then assigned to target


--target must be a variable (or constant) --value must be compatible with target's data type




int numPlayers = 10; // numPlayers holds 10 numPlayers = 8; // numPlayers now holds 8 int legalAge = 18;


int voterAge = legalAge; The next statement is illegal


int height = weight * 2; // weight is not defined int weight = 20;


and generates the following compiler error: illegal forward reference


Arithmetic Operators


Operator Precedence



Shortcut Operators


++  increment by 1--     decrement by 1



 count++;    // count = count + 1;

count--;       // count = count - 1;


Postfix version (var++, var--): use value of var in expression, then increment or decrement. Prefix version (++var, --var): increment or decrement var, then use value in expression


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