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Chapter: Mechanical : Manufacturing Technology : Turning Machines

Important Questions and Answers: Turning Machines

Mechanical - Manufacturing Technology - Turning Machines



1. What is a Lathe?

Lathe is a machine tool which removes the metal from a piece of work to the required shape and size.


2. What are the uses of headstock?

Headstock carries a hollow spindle with nose to hold the work piece. To Mount the driving and speed changing mechanisms.


3. What is an apron?

The integral part of several gears, levers and clutches mounted with the saddle for moving the carriage along with lead screw while thread cutting.


4. What are the advantages semi-automatic lathes?

Production time is minimized Accuracy will be high. Production rate is increased.


5. List any four work holding devices.

1. Chucks.   2. Centres.  3. Faceplates.  4.Angle Plate.


6. Compare the advantages of turret lathe over capstan lathe

Heavier and Larger workpiece chucking can be done. More rigid, hence it withstands heavy cuts.


7.Name any four tool holding devices used in capstan and turret lathe.

Multiple cutter holders. Offset cutter holder.

Sliding cutter holder.     Knee tool holder.


8. What are the four types of tool post?

1.       Single screw         2.       Open side

3.       Four bolt    4.       Four way


9. List any four types of lathe?

1.       Engine lathe         2.       Bench lathe

Semi automatic 3. Tool room lathe 4. Lathe


5.Automatic lathe


10.What is a semi-automatic lathe?


The lathe in which all the machining operations are performed automatically and loading and unloading of work piece, coolant on or off is performed manually


11.State the various feed mechanisms used for obtaining automatic feed?


1.Tumbler gear mechanism


2.Quick change gearbox


3.Tumbler gear- Quick change gearbox


4.Apron mechanism


12.What are the different operations performed on the lathe?


Centering, straight turning, rough turning, finish turning, shoulder turning, facing, chamfering, knurling, etc.


13. Define the term ‘Conicity’?


The ratio of the difference in diameters of tapers its length k= D-dd-smaller dia


D-larger dia


l-length of the work piece


14.State the purpose of providing lead cam in single spindle automatic screw cutting machine?


The turret slide travel is controlled by a lead cam. The lead cam gives a slow forward and fast return movement to the turret slide.


15.What are the advantages of sliding head automatic lathes?


The advantages of a sliding head automatic lathe is that long slender work pieces can be machined with very good surface finish, accuracy and concentricity in sliding head automatic lathes.


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