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Noun, Pronoun, VERB - Grammar | 8th English : Unit 1 : Prose : The Nose-Jewel

Chapter: 8th English : Unit 1 : Prose : The Nose-Jewel


Grammar: A) Noun B) Pronoun C) VERB



A) Noun

Noun is a word used as the name of a person, place, thing, animal or an idea.

 Types of nouns: Proper noun, Common noun, Collective noun, Abstract noun, Material noun.


a. Pick out the words from the list and put them appropriately in the table.


David, Madurai, parrot, happiness, book, thought, green, tiger, Trichy, computer, Narayanan, fan, sister, Kalam, woman, pencil, Bharathi, problem, brother, Mumbai, swan, elephant, Vijay, solution, success, school, convent.

Person David, Narayanan, sister, Kalam, woman, Bharthi, brother, Vijay

Place Madurai, Trichy, Mumbai, school, convent

Thing book, computer, fan, pencil

Animal parrot, tiger, swan, elephant

Ideas/feelingshappiness, thought, green, problem, solution, Success


b. Read the following paragraph and pick out the different types of nouns and put them in the table.

Hobby is an activity that we enjoy doing in our free time. It keeps us busy in our leisure time. People choose their hobby on the basis of their interests and personality. Do you know what Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s hobby was?


C. Fill in the blanks with the suitable collective noun.

Choir, shower, bowl, flock, cup, pair, swarm, bunch, herd, bottle

1. a herd of cows

2. a flock of birds

3. a choir of singers

4. a bottle of milk

5. a cup of tea

6. a swarm of ants

7. a bunch of grapes

8. a bow of rice

9. a pair of shoes

10. a shower of rain


B) Pronoun

Pronoun is a word used instead of a noun.


Shoba always loves dancing. She wants to go to dance school.

In the above example, the word 'she' replaces the noun 'Shoba'. So the word 'she' is a pronoun.


a. Change the underlined words with correct pronoun.

(they, he, her, him, it, she )

1. I saw Mr. Balu this morning and gave Mr. Balu my homework.

Answer: I saw Mr. Balu this morning and gave him my homework.

2. Muthu likes computer games, but he doesn’t play computer games very often.

Answer: Muthu likes computer games but he doesn’t play them very often.

3. My aunt lives in Trichy but, my aunt often comes to visit my family.

Answer: My aunt lives in Trichy but, she often comes to visit my family.

4. Neil Armstrong was born in 1930. Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969.

Answer: Neil Armstrong was born in 1930. He landed on the moon in 1969.

 5. He helped the old lady. He gave the old lady food.

Answer: .He helped the old lady. He gave her food.


Possessive  pronoun and possessive adjective.


b. Change the possessive adjective into possessive pronoun.


1. This is my pen. [Answer: This pen is mine.]

2. Shenbah missed her purse. [Answer: The missed purse is hers.]

3. Her speech is nice. [Answer: The nice speech is hers.]

4. My book is new. [Answer: The new book is mine.]

5. My bike is costly. [Answer: The costly bike is mine.]



Verb is a word used to express an action or state.


 List out the transitive and intransitive verbs in following words.

come, buy, teach, learn, arrive, sing, run, draw, jump, write.
















I. Guide proper names for the common nouns

Eg: Butter – Amul

1. Pencil - ----------------------

[Answer: Apsara]

2. Ball pen--------------------

[Answer: Reynolds]

3.Hospital- -----------------------

[Answer: Apollo]

4. Soft drink - ---------------------

[Answer: Pepsi]

5. Car - -------------------------

[Answer: Toyota]


II. Collective nouns:

1. A -------------of bees.

[Answer: swarm]

2. A -----------of keys.

[Answer: bunch]

3. A ------------of cards.

[Answer: pack]

4. A -----------of players.

[Answer: team]

5. A------------ of books.

[Answer: library]


III. Form abstract nouns from these adjectives :

Eg: Soft - Softness

1. Cruel -  --------------------

[Answer: Cruelty]

2. Polite - ---------------------

[Answer: Politeness]

3. Honest - --------------------

[Answer: Honesty]

4. Beautiful - -------------------

[Answer: Beauty]

5. Lazy - -----------------------

[Answer: Laziness]


IV. Use singular pronouns and fill in the blanks:

1. -------gave----------- a gift.

[Answer: He, her]

2.---------- went out when------------- rained.

[Answer: She, it]

3.------------ do not want ----------------to steal things.

[Answer: I, you]

4. When he met -----------I gave ------------an advice.

[Answer: me, him]


V. Use Plural pronouns and fill in the blanks:

1. Raj and Rahul are brothers and------------- live in the same house.

[Answer: they]

2. They are my friends, I meet ------------in the park.

[Answer: them]

3. My father and I went to the mall, but it was closed.-------- could not buy anything.

[Answer: We]

4. We won the match. Everybody congratulated------------

 [Answer: us]


VI. Fill in the blanks with possessive pronouns:

1. The travellers brought a lot of goods. The goods were -----------.

[Answer: theirs]

2. A man was riding a motor bike. The bike was ---------.

[Answer: his]

3. She stitched the torn dresses from her cupboard. The dresses were -------------,

[Answer: hers]

4. The certificates belong to me. They are------------.

[Answer: mine]

5. This classroom belongs to us. It is certainly-------------------.

[Answer: ours]

6. The photos look so good. They are----------------.

[Answer: yours]

7. The dog has a puppy. It is------------.

[Answer: its]


VII. Use simple present tense of verb in the bracket and fill the blanks:

1. Look! He (fly)-----------the kite high..

[Answer: flies]

2. Yesterday he went by car, but today he (go)------------ on a cycle.

[Answer: goes]

3. If he (pass)------------- the exam, he will get a good job.

[Answer: passes]

4. Mohan will jump in joy if he (see)------------ you coming.

[Answer: sees]

5. If Vijay (run) -------------fast, he will be able to catch the train.

[Answer:  runs]


VIII. Use simple past tense of verb in the bracket and fill the blanks:

1. I (buy)-----------this coat from the boutique.

[Answer: bought]

2. Dad (leave)---------------- for office an hour ago.

[Answer: left]

3. My sister (write) ------------an essay that was published in the magazine.

[Answer: wrote]

4. We (come)------- home, (take)------------ some rest and (spend)------- time playing cards.

 [Answer: came / took /spent]


IX. Use simple future tense of verb in the bracket and fill the blanks:

1. I (leave)-----------for Paris next week.

[Answer: will leave]

2. We (party)---------- at the Taj on my birthday.

[Answer: will party]

3. You (move)--------- to Delhi next month on promotion.

[Answer: will move]

4. Ten students failed in the exam. They (write)----------- their exams again from Monday.

[Answer: will write]

5. The sun rise was at 6 a.m. It (set)----------- at 5.45 p.m this evening.

[Answer: will set]


X. Insert the correct form of infinitive using the given verbs in the brackets:

1. It would be nice to --------(meet) Dr. Abdul Kalam again.

[Answer: meet]

2. To----------- (cook) this recipe, you will need 500 grams of minced meet

[Answer: cook]

3. Ravi wants to I need to---------(take) Raji to the amusement park.

[Answer: take]

 4. I need to-----------(wash) my hands before I have my food.

[Answer: wash]

5. We discussed whether to------------ (invite) Rajiv or not.

[Answer: invite]


XI. Fill in the blanks with suitable Gerund (verb+ing):

1.--------- (meet) is a periodic event.

[Answer: Meeting]

2. She loves----------- (eat) ice creams.

[Answer:  eating]

3. I like----------(celebrate) festivals.

[Answer: celebrating]

4.------------- (wait) is torturing.

[Answer: Waiting

5. He was awarded for ----------(run) fast.

[Answer: running]

6. I achieve by ----------- (work).

[Answer: working]

7. I don’t like------------(play) cards.

[Answer: playing]

8.----------- (cook) is my hobby.

[Answer: - Cooking]

9. Do you enjoy------------ (swim)

[Answer: swimming]

10. He loves------------ (sing) songs.

[Answer: singing]

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