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Chapter: 11th Botany : Chapter 7 : Cell Cycle

Cell Cycle: Important Questions

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Cell Cycle




1. The correct sequence in cell cycle is

a. S-M-G1-G2

b. S-G1-G2-M

c. G1-S-G2-M

d. M-G-G2-S


2. If cell division is restricted in G1 phase of the cell cycle then the condition is known as

a. S Phase

b. G2 Phase

c. M Phase

d. G0 Phase


3. Anaphase promoting complex APC is a protein degradation machinery necessary for proper mitosis of animal cells. If APC is defective in human cell, which of the following is expected to occur?

a. Chromosomes will be fragmented

b. Chromosomes will not condense

c. Chromosomes will not segregate

d. Recombination of chromosomes will occur


4. In S phase of the cell cycle

a. Amount of DNA doubles in each cell

b. Amount of DNA remains same in each cell

c. Chromosome number is increased

d. Amount of DNA is reduced to half in each cell


5. Centromere is required for

a. transcription

b. crossing over

c. Cytoplasmic cleavage

d. movement of chromosome towards pole


6. Synapsis occur between

a. mRNA and ribosomes

b. spindle fibres and centromeres

c. two homologous chromosomes

d. a male and a female gamete


7. In meiosis crossing over is initiated at

a. Diplotene

b. Pachytene

c. Leptotene

d. Zygotene


8. Colchicine prevents the mitosis of the cells at which of the following stage

a. Anaphase

b. Metaphase

c. Prophase

d. interphase


9. The paring of homologous chromosomes on meiosis is known as

a. Bivalent

b. Synapsis

c. Disjunction

d. Synergids


10. Anastral mitosis is the characteristic feature of

a. Lower animals

b. Higher animals

c. Higher plants

d. All living organisms


11. Write any three significance of mitosis

12. Differentiate between mitosis and meiosis

13. Given an account of G0 phase

14. Differentiate cytokinesis in plant cells and animal cells

15. Write about Pachytene and Diplotene of Prophase I

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