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Department: Computer Sotware and Inormation Technology Engineering CSE IT

Software Engineering - CS8494, CS6403

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Software Engineering

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-:- Introduction to Software Engineering
-:- Software Process, Perspective and Specialized Process Models
-:- Software Project Management: Estimation
-:- LOC and FP Based Estimation, COCOMO Model
-:- Project Scheduling – Scheduling, Earned Value Analysis - Risk Management
-:- Software Requirements: Functional and Non-Functional, User , System Requirements
-:- Requirement Engineering Process: Feasibility Studies, Requirements elicitation and analysis
-:- Requirements Validation, Requirements Management
-:- Classical Analysis
-:- Structured Systems Analysis
-:- Petri Nets-Data Dictionary
-:- Design process
-:- Design Concepts-Design Model
-:- Design Heuristic
-:- Architectural Design
-:- Architectural styles, Architectural Design, Architectural Mapping using Data Flow
-:- User Interface Design
-:- Interface analysis, Interface Design
-:- Component level Design
-:- Designing Class based components, traditional Components
-:- Software testing fundamentals
-:- Internal and external views of Testing
-:- White box testing-basis path testing
-:- Control Structure Testing
-:- Black Box Testing
-:- Regression Testing
-:- Unit Testing
-:- Integration Testing
-:- Validation Testing
-:- System Testing and Debugging
-:- Software Implementation Techniques: Coding practices
-:- Refactoring
-:- Estimation – FP Based, LOC Based, Make/Buy Decision, COCOMO II
-:- Project Planning Phase
-:- Identification, Projection, RMMM
-:- Scheduling and Tracking
-:- Relationship between people and effort, Task Set & Network, Scheduling, EVA
-:- Process and Project Metrics