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Chapter: 12th English : UNIT 5 : Prose : The Status of Tamil as a Classical Language


Writing: Slogan Writing, PARAGRAPH WRITING



Slogan Writing

Generally slogans are written for the purpose of advertising a product or to create an awareness among the public for a social cause.

 Simple and catchy phrases accompanying a logo or brand, that encapsulate a product’s appeal or the mission of a firm that makes it catchy, which when used consistently over a long period, becomes an important component of its identification or image. They are also called catch lines, strap line, or tag line, like ‘Neighbours envy, Owner’s pride .

Awareness slogans are written to create awareness among the general public. It is done for a social cause. For example,

‘No Holiday for Safety.’


Tips for writing an effective slogan

Highlight a key benefit. The point of a slogan is to differentiate a product or brand from that of its competitors, while also underscoring the company’s general mission.

1.        Explain the company’s commitment.

2.        Be consistent.

3.        Keep it short and simple.

4.        Give them a rhythm, rhyme and ring.

5.        Stay honest.

6.        Make it timeless.

7.        Be unique and different.


While writing slogans to create awareness among the public

·           Explain the need for the change.

·           Make it sensible and easy to understand.

·           Keep in mind the target audience and use catchy phrases to suit the audience.


Look at the pictures given below, and write slogans to advertise the products. Suggest your own brand name for each of the products.

Toothpaste- COLGATE

* Smile with strength, pure, fresh, clean.

* Colgate helps stop cavities before they start.

R.O (Reverse Osmosis) PURE- IT

* Drink more water, pure water.

* Drink pure water, stay healthy.

Camera- KODAK

* Shoot cameras, not animals,

* Holidays are Kodak days.

Globe Jamun- GTR

* So sweet, So good.

* Sure to bring smiles.


Write slogans to create awareness of the following topics using the tips given above.

1.        Junk food - junk foods are toxins, eat only healthy food, eat healthy to stay healthy.

2.        Labour Day - give labours off one day to give them some rest. Labours are your many hands, keep them happy.

3.        Save Water - conserve water, conserve life. Save water for future.

4.        Yoga - The external and internal purifier. Yoga is as old as India.

5.        Blood Donation - spare only 15 minutes and save one life, bring a life back to power



In order to write a good paragraph, students should understand four fundamentals. Paragraphs are made up of sentences but not random sentences. There should be a central topic around which the other sentences are organised in a coherent manner. A good paragraph should focus on one idea. A coherently written paragraph takes its readers on a clear path.

A good paragraph usually consists of three parts, the topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

1. Unity

Unity begins with the topic sentence. Each paragraph will have one single idea, which is usually the first sentence of the paragraph. All the supporting sentences get unified around the main idea. So while selecting the topic sentence one has to think about the theme and all the points they want to add and then choose the most relevant one as the topic sentence.

2. Order

Order refers to the way the supporting sentences are organized. One can choose a chronological order, logical order or order of importance. But the reader should be able to follow the paragraph easily. The meaning of a paragraph should be understood by the readers without any confusion or ambiguity.

3. Coherence

Coherence is the quality which makes one’s writing understandable. There should be a flow of ideas.

4. Completeness

Well-developed paragraph is called a complete one, if all the sentences clearly support the main idea. The concluding sentence should summarize the main idea.

Now, read a paragraph on ‘Oceans and lakes’

Write a paragraph of about 150 words, on the following topics.

a)        The teacher I like the most

b)       The value of discipline

c)        Need for Moral Education in schools

d)       The importance of Good Health

e)        The importance of Reading

a)        The teacher I like the most

A teacher is an asset to a country and builder of the nation. I have come across many teachers in my student life of them all, Mr. Tamilarasan is my favourite teacher. He is a teacher of English. He is a man of letters with profound knowledge in English language. His teaching style is very much attractive and effective. When he takes his class, all the students listen to him with great attention. He makes us share our views and feelings with him. He makes our lessons interesting to us. Besides, he is a man of principle with a good character. He is very sincere, punctual and honest. He loves and guides us like his sons. He always encourages us to learn new things. He is no doubt, an ideal teacher. Because of all his extraordinary qualities, he is the best teacher. He never scold his students. I have never seen him angry. In our life we remember some people for ever. But school teachers are often remembered by all.

b)       The value of discipline

There is value of discipline in all walks of life. Whether at home, or school in the office, in the factory, in the play ground or in the battlefield,, discipline is necessary. Discipline gives us an opportunity to learn experience.  Without discipline there will be complete chaos, and disorder. There will be no peace and progress. To be guided by rules, to pay due regard to elders and superior officers, to obey them and behave in an orderly manner, all these come under the term discipline. Discipline is a good thing and there is no evil in it. It builds character, develops strength and unity and fosters co-operation. It is, therefore necessary that students should be taught discipline from their veiy childhood. It is the secret of success in life. It motivates a person to go ahead in the life and get success. Self-discipline is controlling our own desires. It teaches a person to be responsible and respectful. Punctuality is a form of discipline. Good manners are also a mark of discipline.

Discipline is learnt in the school of adversity - M.K. Gandhi

c)        Need for Moral Education in schools

The word moral comes from a Latin root “mos, moris” which means the code or customs of a people. In today’s world man, machine and money are the modem day trinity where as morality is just a casuality. As a result of this, our society has been suffering from much of corruption, exploitation, merciless killing, casteism, communalism, terrorism and a total crisis of character. The great goal of education is not to produce doctors, and engineers but to develop the sense of right, duty, honour, love of God and humanity by imparting moral education in schools. With this, students can improve overall behaviour with their teachers and society too. The students will learn unconditional love and kindness, the importance of hard work, the power of honesty, the beauty of forgiveness through moral education. It will make this world a better place to live in. So moral education is to be a part and parcel of every school curriculum.

d)       The importance of Good Health

Good health is important because a man of health can enjoy great happiness during his life time. Health is more valuable than wealth. Even a poor person with good health is happier than the rich person with poor health. A sound mind lives on a sound body. Health is essential for all our activities. We must follow the plans of health from our every childhood. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Walking is the best form of exercise to remain healthy. Intoxicating drink, and smoking should be avoided for good health. Without good health, we are not able to reach our individual potentials. It also includes emotional and mental. When in good health, we are able to save money. Otherwise, we have to pay for hospital bills and buy drugs. Our body requires an appropriate amount of vitamins, proteins, fat, carbohydrate, and mineral. Healthy food provides us energy to work and to fight against disease. In order to strengthen our immune system and live a disease - free life.

e)        The importance of Reading

Reading is important because it develops the mind. Reading to young children sets them up to succeed. Reading develops the language skills. Exposure to reading exercises child’s brain. Reading enhances a child’s concentration. Reading together encourages a thirst for knowledge. It develops a child’s imagination and creativity. Reading books with children helps to develop empathy. Reading books are a form of entertainment. Reading books make our life fresh and active each day: We can create and imagine better future during reading books. Books never die. Books will exist till the end of this world. Reading improves our memory. It helps to improve communication both written and spoken. Reading builds self- esteem. Reading books reduces stress. Book reading is a great mental stimulation exercise. It keeps the brain busy. Reading books improve analytical thinking skills.

“Reading maketh a full man ” — Francis Bacon

Observe the following pictures and write a paragraph in about 150 words about each one of them.

a) Natural disasters are extreme, sudden events caused by environmental factors. They injure people and damage their properties. These include heavy flood, cyclone, volcanic eruption, earthquakes, Tsunami and diseases. They strike anywhere on earth, often without warning. Here we see a cyclone affected area in this picture. Cyclones are capable of causing massive destruction depending on where they strike. Heavy rains associated with cyclones lead to flash floods. These floods are the major cause of deaths, during a cyclone. They often destroy agricultural lands, bridges and roads. The damage caused by the cyclone result in a heavy economic damage to the region. The cyclones defoliate trees, break tree crown stems, and cause tree falls. We cannot stop natural disasters, but we can arm ourselves with knowledge. It is important to raise the perception of such disasters. We have to encourage and promote appropriate grassroots mitigation strategies. We should aware people through workshops and community activities. Disaster Management project is very important for saving lives and maintaining rural livelihoods.

b) In this juxta posed picture a cat in the cae and a dove is at the top of the cage. Generally, the cat is fiercer than a gentle dove. A cat will eat up a dove. But in this picture the cat is imprisoned in the cage sitting on the top of the cage, the dove seems to proclaim that the fierce and mighty can be over come by the meek and gentle by using their brain. The dove imparts two meaningful lesons - Brutes have been gentled where lashes failed and bring changes into a world resenting change. A day will dawn when a lamp would tame a lion.

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