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Types of Proximity Sensor

Eddy current proximity sensor, Inductive proximity sensor, Pneumatic proximity sensor, Proximity switches.


Proximity sensors are non – contact type sensor.


Types of Proximity Sensor:


Eddy current proximity sensor


Inductive proximity sensor


Pneumatic proximity sensor


Proximity switches






When a coil is supplied with alternating current, an alternating  magnetic  field  is produced which


induces an EMF on it. If there is a metal near to this alternating magnetic field, on EMF is induced in it.


The EMF cause current to flow. This current flow is eddy current.



It has two identical coils.


One reference coil & another sensing coil which senses the magnetic current in the object. Eddy current start to flow due to AC(conducting object) close to sensor


Eddy current produce a magnetic field to oppose the magnetic field generated by sensing coil. Due to this opposition reduction flux is created. To detect 0.001mm



It consists of coil wound round a core.


Metal is close to coil Inductance changes occurs.

It is suitable for ferrous metals



It is suitable for sensing non conducting materials


Air is allowed to escape from the front side of the sensor.


When there is no object air escapes freely.


When there is an object, the escaping air is blocked and return backed to system.


It is used to measure the range 3mm to 12mm


It is used in robotics for sensing elements


It is also used in NC machines, material handling systems and assembly lines. Micro switch


Reed switch


Photo sensitive switch Mechanical switch


Micro Switch:


It is limit switch operated by levers, rollers & cams


It is switch which requires physical contact and small force to close the contacts. Example a belt conveyor.


Reed Switch:


It is a non – contact proximity switch that consists of two magnetic switch contacts enclosed in a glass tube fined with an inert gas.


When magnet is closed switch is operated. Used for high speed applications.


Photo Sensitive Devices:


It is used to sense opaque object.


Photo detector receives a beam of light produced by the LED.


Object is passed the beam gets broken or reflected when is detected.

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