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Important Questions and Answers: Mechatronics, Sensors And Transducers

Mechanical - Mechatronics - Mechatronics, Sensors And Transducers


1.  What are the key elements of Mechatronics system?

sensors and actuators

signals and conditioning

digital logic system

computer and display devices

software and data acquisition


2.  Mention the functions of a Mechatronics system.

  It allows to integrate the mechanical systems with micro electronics to obtain the process design automation


It ensue the higher efficiency and reliability for the quality of products 3. What do you understand by signal conditioning?


A signal conditioning mans manipulating an analog signal in such a way that it meet the requirement of the next stage for further processing.


4.  Give an example for a transducer and state its transduction principle.


Transducers are device which converts an input of one form of energy into an output of another form of energy.eg thermocouple


5.    List any four types of sensors and mention their features.

1.based on power requirements  passive and active 

2.based on the type of output analog and digital

3.Based on sensing primary and secondary


6.    State the advantage of capacitive type proximity sensor.

capacitors are noiseless


high accuracy high sensitivity high resolution


7.    What is RTD? State its applications.


It is sensor used to measure the temperature by correlating the resistance of the rtd element of temperature




a.     precision process temperature control(textile, chemical ,food)

b.    automatic temperature control(test chamber , oven temperature)


8. List down the type of proximity sensor . optical encoders


hall effects


capacitive sensors proximity switches


9.  Distinguish between position sensors and light sensors .


A position sensor is used to monitor the position of the throttle in an IC engine. Its located on the spindle so that it can monitor the position of the throttle


The light sensors enables a robot to detect light . Its uses cadmium sulfosolenide (cds)photoconductive photocell. The light sensor can give the robot vision and make it easier for it to operate autonomously.


7. What are the elements of the closed loop control system?


The various elements of a closed loop control system are, a. Comparison element b. Control element c. Correction element d. Process element e. Measurement element


8. What are the two types of feedback loop?


The two types of feed back loop are, a. Positive feed back loop b. Negative feed back loop. "The feedback is said to be negative/positive feedback when the signal; which is feed back, subtracts/adds from the input value. It is required to control a system. The control elements decide what action to take when it receives an error signal"


9. What are the types of control elements?


There are two types of control elements. They are


a.Hard – wired systems


b.Programmable systems


10. What are the main applications of mechatronics?


Washing machines, dish washers, micro ovens, cameras, camcorders, robots, automatic conveyors, computer-controlled machines


11.            Obtain the basic functions of control systems.


1.To minimize the error between the actual and desired output


2.To minimize the time response to load changes in the system


12.            What are the types of control system?


Open loop system


Closed loop system


13. List down the requirements of control systems.









14.            Give an example for open loop system and closed loop systems. 1. Closed loop system – Automatic water level controller


2. open loop system - Electric fire


15.           Compare open loop control system and closed loop control system. Open loop systems


It is suitable where accurate positioning of the tools is not required


System is very simple


It is suitable for rough works


Error is not currently checked and rectified


Closed loop systems


The feedback signal controls the table position accurately


Is used almost in all automation process


Its not suitable for rough works


Error is currently checked and rectified


16.Write about the Mechatronics approach in a micro-processor – controlled washing machine?


In the microprocessor-controlled washing machine, a mechanical system has become integrated with electronic controls. As a consequence, a bulky mechanical system is replaced by a much more compact microprocessor system, which is readily adjustable to give a greater variety of programs.


17. What is the larger scale application of Mechatronics?


A larger scale application of Mechatronics is a Flexible Manufacturing engineering System (FMS) involving computer – controlled machines, robots, automatic material conveying and overall supervisory control.


18.          List some of the applications of Mechatronics?


1. Home Appliances: Washing machine, Bread machines etc

2. 2. Automobile: Electrical fuel injection, Antilock brake system

3. 3. Aircraft: Flight control, Navigation system

4. 4. Automated Manufacturing


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