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Creativity Around Me | Term 3 Chapter 2 | 4th English - The Wooden Toy (Story): Questions with Answers | 4th English : Term 3 Unit 2 : Creativity Around Me

Chapter: 4th English : Term 3 Unit 2 : Creativity Around Me

The Wooden Toy (Story): Questions with Answers

4th English : Term 3 Unit 2 : Creativity Around Me : The Wooden Toy (Story): Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution

A. Choose the best answer.

1. Mugund made_____________using the dry woods.

 a. pots

b. dolls

c. cups

d. deer

Answer: b. dolls 

2. In memory of his mother, he carved _____________ statue.

 a. golden

b. sliver

c. wooden

d. brass

Answer: c. wooden

3. _____________ is a great risk to the environment.

a. paper

b. cotton cloth

c. plastic

d. wood

Answer: c. plastic

4. Mugund learnt the art from his _____________.

a. father

b. mother

c. grand father

d. uncle

Answer: c. grand father 

5. _____________ was helpful for his father to drive out the wild animals.

a. drum

b. wooden tiger

c. wooden doll

d. clay doll

Answer: a. drum 


B. Write True or false.

1. Mugund loved wild animals. (False)

2. Mugund did not cut the raw wood. (True)

3. He started selling wooden toys at a high price. (False)


C. Answer the following questions.

1. How did Mugund’s mother die?

Mugund’s mother was killed by wild animals.

2. What did his mother say in his dream?

Mugund’s mother told him to eradicate the use of plastics.

3. What incident made Mugund make a wooden drum?

The wild animals continued to kill the animals of Mugund’s father. This incident made Mugund to make a wooden drum.

4. Why was his father unable to sleep?

A large number of animals in his father's farm were killed by wild animals. So he was unable to sleep.

5. Which problem do you think you can solve with art? How?

Pollution by plastics can be solved with art. We can replace plastic toys with wooden toys.




A. Read the passage 3 times and colour the trees for each time.

Trees help us in many ways. The colour green is calming and heals your worries. By planting and caring for trees, we help improve our surroundings, as they give fresh air. When air is dirty the people of Delhi suffered a lot. But people of Madhubani district in Bihar have shown how art can be used to make our air clean. So that people made paintings on trees to stop people from cutting the trees.

1. Bihar people saved trees making by painting.

2. What is the main idea of the story?

Prevention of deforestation.




Let us learn to write a paragraph.

Step 1 : Write a sentence about the topic.

Step 2: Write fun detail about the topic.

Step 3: Write fun detail about the topic.

Step 4: Write fun detail about the topic.

Step 5: Write a ending sentence with your feeling about the topic

Peacock is a beautiful bird.

It has long colorful feathers.

The male bird dances beautifully.

Peacock is our national bird.

I like Peacock as it has colourful feathers..

Do you want to try to write your own paragraph now?

Write a paragraph on Cow.

1. The cow is a tame animal.

2. It eats grass and straw.

3. It gives us milk.

4. The milk is a good food for babies.

5. Many people worship the cow as God.

Write a paragraph on Monkey.

1. The monkey looks like human beings.

2. It is full of mischief.

3. It climbs up the tree easily.

4. It jumps from branch to branch.

5. The monkey has a long tail but some monkeys are without tails.

Write a paragraph on Palm tree.

1. The palm tree is a tall tree.

2. It grows in hot, dry places.

3. We eat the fruit of the tree.

4. The palm tree gives us sweet juice called padaneer.

5. Poor people use parts of this tree to build their huts.


I Can Do


1. Choose the correct option.

1. We ________ yarn to make sarees.

a. weave

b. water

c. knead

Answer: a. weave

2. The plants ________ because of the wind.

a. grow

b. bend

c. chokes

Answer: b. bend


2. Match the words with similar meaning.

truck - subway

underground - lorry

tap - wallet

purse - faucet


truck - lorry

underground - subway

tap – faucet

purse - wallet


3. Write the words with same meaning.

Torch Flashlight

Sink Wash Basin

Flat Apartment


4. Recite the poem The Painter with correct intonation.


5. Match the rhyming words.

strokes - floor

shore - rush

brush - chokes


strokes - chokes

shore - floor

brush - rush


6. Describe the picture with adjectives.

( Sweet, red, round )

The apple is red.

The apple tastes sweet.

It is round in shape.



Learning Outcome

Now I can...

 read and understand the prose and supplementary.

identify and use the similar words.

identify and use the adjectives in sentence.

listen and respond to the audio.

Borrow books from the library.

read the passage and identify the main idea.

write a paragraph.

recite poem and identify the rhyming words.

Note to the teacher: Ask children to colour the balloon when they achieve the learning outcome.

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