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Chapter: 11th English : UNIT 1 : Prose: The Portrait of a Lady

The Portrait of a Lady: Speaking Activity

English Prose: The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh.

Speaking Activity

a. Work in pairs and arrive at five points that bring out the benefits and challenges of living in either a nuclear family or a joint family. Share your views with your class.

Benefits and challenges of living in a nuclear family

• The number of members is very few in a nuclear family.

• Children are more close to the parents.

• Mother gets enough time to look after her children.

• Husband can devote more attention to the wife and children.

• Guidance of elders is absent here.

Benefits and challenges of living in a joint family.

• In Joint family system, the number of dependents living under one roof is much larger.

• The eldest male member is usually the head of the joint family.

• He is entitled to take economic and social decisions on behalf of the family.

• Every member is expected to make some financial contribution to the common fund.

• Every member should make their daily expenditure from common fund.

• Helping each other, adjustment, selflessness, sacrifice are commonly seen in the joint family.

• Children get more affection and guidance from the elders of the family.


b. Build a conversation of eight to ten sets of exchange, with your grandmother discussing the incidents that happened in your school that day.

Grandma             :  Hai Vishnu, Where are you?

Vishnu                 :  I am here grandma.

Grandma             : You look so tired today.

Vishnu                 : Just now I have returned from school.

Grandma             : Refresh yourself and Have some snacks first.

Vishnu                 : Today, we planted trees in our school campus.

Grandma             : Very good. That is the need of the hour.

Vishnu                 :  I planted a neem tree there.

Grandma             : The tree will tell your name in future.

Vishnu                 : Ok grandma, I have a lot of homework today.

Grandma             : Can I help you in doing home work?

Vishnu                 : No need grandma, My friend will come now and he will help me.

Grandma             :  Good. Is he an outstanding student?

Vishnu                 : Yes, He is one of the toppers like me.

Grandma             : Very good. Go and get ready.


c. Every member contributes to forming a happy family. Share your views for a minute or two with your class.

Father: Father is a primarily responsible person for a happy family. He has to work for the family’s welfare. He has more responsibilities in family as well as in his work. In order to bring happiness, he should have balance between work and home. 

Mother: Mother is the main root of a family. She should adjust with her husband and her children to lead a happy family. She has to satisfy everyone’s wish in the family. For this, every one in the family should support her. 

Children: Children are the beautiful flowers in a family garden. They only bring happiness to the family. The discipline of the children can make the family proud. At times Children may be reluctant to follow instructions, when their parents command them. Then Parents should be a role model to them. 

Grand parents: Grandparents are the respectable persons in a family. In times of facing problems, their experience and guidance will help us to run our family smoothly. We should not ignore their knowledge and experience for the welfare of a happy family. 

Friends & Relatives: Friends & Relatives are essential for a happy family. We live in a society. We always depend on the society for our all needs. Friends and relatives too contribute their support at the time of functions, festivals and also sad happenings in a family. They are inevitable.

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