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Every person should take up the responsibility to serve the society in his or her own way. Discuss the various ways in which you can serve the society.


1. You are rushing to attend to an important work and you witness an accident on your way. Will you go to the rescue of the injured person? Share your views with the class.

2. Every person should take up the responsibility to serve the society in his or her own way. Discuss the various ways in which you can serve the society.

1. Dinesh!

Hello, friends, all of you know that I have helping tendency. Last Sunday, around 8.30 in the morning I was walking towards Manohar community hall to attend my cousin’s marriage. A motorbike crossed past me and it hit a gentleman of about 50 years and he fell down crying in pain. But the motorbike did not stop. It was a hit-and-run accident. I ran to the oldman and helped him stand up. Fortunately, as you know, the Govmment Hospital is nearby. I helped him walk with a limp and reached the hospital. I requested the nurse and the doctor to treat him.They were kind and they nursed him. Then I went late to the marriage. Before 1 reached there, the function had come to an end. Though I missed the function, I had the satisfaction of helping the old man in need.

2. Nobody is an island, All of us, live in a society - family, friends, people in our neighbourhood etc.., Eveiy member of the society should help others. ‘One for all, and all for one’ is a truth in our life. There are many ways, in which we can serve our society.

There are several uneducated people in our midst.

I help them read and write. I make them aware of the welfare schemes provided by the Government.

I help the people who suffer from poverty, introduce the job opportunities near our area.

I help the poor students in my area arrange faciltities for their studies. I try to provide them study materials.

I help the elders who need help in public places.

I help the illiterate people at post office, bank and railaway station who expect help from others.

As a student, I can help people around me as best as I can.



Dialogue is a conversation between two or more persons in a narrative style. It is widely used to communicate ideas. It requires at least a listener and a speaker. Asking a question and offering a reply is common in dialogue. We usually start the dialogue with a greeting, and complete it with a proper ending. A dialogue may be formal or informal. Informal dialogue is used in personal (non-official) contexts. A dialogue between friends or members of family is an example of informal dialogue. Formal dialogue is common in official contexts. A dialogue between a student and a teacher is an example of formal dialogue.


Here is a conversation between a student who wishes to open an account and a bank clerk.

Student       :         Good morning, madam.

Bank Clerk :         Good morning,  what can I do for you?

Student       :         I would like to open an account in your bank.

Bank Clerk :         Are you a student of a school or a college?

Student       :         I am a student of Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Asoka puram.

Bank Clerk :         Why  do  you  want  to open an account?

Student       :         My    class  teacher advised me to open an account to  receive the monetary benefits from government schemes.

Bank Clerk :         Here  is an application form  to open an account in our  bank. Fill  it  up  with  all necessary details.

Student       :         Should I  enclose  any document with the form?

Bank Clerk :         Yes. You should enclose a  valid identity proof and an address proof that are approved by the government.

Student       :         Madam, can I submit the form and documents tomorrow?

Bank Clerk :         Okay.  You  need  to make an initial deposit of Rs. 500/- to open an account.

Student       :         Sure  Madam, Thank you.

Bank Clerk :         You are welcome.

a)  Pair work: Practise the dialogue with another student. Then write a similar dialogue between a student and the class teacher regarding an educational trip.

Student : Excuse me, sir. Good morning.

Teacher : Good morning, What do you want?

Student : You want me to remind the educational trip, what we discussed in the class, sir.

Teacher : Oh! I’ve forgotten it. Can you suggest any important place to visit?

Student : Yes, sir. Shall we go to Mahabalipuram?

Teacher : Good idea. It is historically important place. We will go on next Friday.

Student : Shall we book a van for our class students?

Teacher : Sure. Make arrangements for our trip. I will go and get consent from our Headmaster. 

Student : May 1 announce this news to our class students?

Teacher : Yes, But don’t tell the date and amount for the trip. We will cofirm it and tell later.

Student : OK, Thank you sir.

b)  Build a conversation for the following situations with a minimum of five exchanges.

1.  A passenger and a railway staff regarding the cancellation of the reserved tickets.

Passenger : Good morning sir.

Rly staff : Good morning, How can I help you?

Passenger : I have to cancel two tickets from Madurai to Chennai.

Rly staff : No problem, Have you brought the tickets?

Passenger : Yes sir, here they are.

Rly staff : When is the jounery scheduled?

Passenger : It is scheduled on 15th May.

Rly staff : Ok. Your name please.

Passenger : I am Kathir, sir. How much will I get back?

Rly staff : You can get 80% of your amount, what you pay. Please, fill in the form.

(He gives the passenger a from)

Passenger: Sure, sir.

2.  Two friends about the NSS camp which they are going to attend.

Robert : Hello Rahim,Good morning.

Rahim : Good morning, Is there any special news?

Robert : Oh, Don’t you know? Our NSS unit is going to conduct a camp for a week.

Rahim : Very good. Where is the camp?

Robert : The camp is at Manaparai town. Around 40 NSS volunteers are selected including you.

Rahim : 1 am very happy. What is the project?

Robert : We are going to conduct awareness programme on ‘waste management’ in the town.

Rahim : Oh! Excellent.

Robert : We have to conduct campaigns, rally and skits for that. What are you going to do?

Rahim : Well! 1 am going to perfonn in a skit. I have already prepared slogans for this topic.

Robert : Good. We will use them and try to aware the people.

Rahim : Yes, Rahim. It is our duty.

3.  A salesman and a customer at an electronic shop.

Salesman : Welcome sir.

Customer : Good morning

Salesman : How can I help you sir ? We have mobile phones,computers laptops, TVs, tablets, headphones.

Customer : Thankyou, I just want to buy a mobile phone 

Salesman : Good. Which brand and model do you like sir?

Customer : I want Samsung brand. Please show me the different models.

Salesman : Sir,the price ranges from 5 thousand to 30 thousand.

Customer : Please show me the models belowRs. 15,000.

Salesman : Sir,this is Galaxy J-2.lt is Rs. 10,700.

Customer : That’s good. Is there any discount?

Salesman : sir, I’11 make it 10,500 for you.

Customer : Ok. Is there any compliments with this phone?

Salesman : Yes, sir. We have provided 8GB memory card free for New year.

Customer : Waw! Then pack it. I will pay the money.

4.  A father and his daughter about the advantages of the habit of newspaper-reading.

Father : Latha, Come here.

Daughter : (coming to him)What, daddy?

Father : Have you gone through today’s newspaper? There is an interesting article related to air pollution that you asked me last week.

Daughter : Isn’t it? Give me, dad. I have no time to read newspapers, due to my heavy home work.

Father : Don’t say like that. Newspaper reading is a good habit. Like our daily bathing and brushing newspaper reading is essential.

Daughter: Why dad?

Father : Newspapers not only provide political and entertaimnet news, but also they give articles related to our studies.

Daughter : What is the use of it?

Father : They indirectly enrich your vocabulary and help gain writing skill.

Daughter : Ok. Dad. Hereafter I will read newspaper daily.

c)  Extend the conversation with two more relevant exchanges.

1. Receptionist : Good evening, sir. Welcome to Chennai.

Traveller : I would like to book a deluxe room in your hotel for 3 days.

Receptionist : Good,There are deluxe rooms with all modem facilities like TV, Fridge and Phone. The rent charges are start from Rs. 1,500 Rs.2,000 and 3,000 per day sir.

Traveller : Oh! Then book Rs.2000/- room. How much is the advance? 

Receptionist : It is Rs. 10,000. We will return the balance at the time of check out. Please fill this register, sir.

Traveller : Yes.Thank you.

2.  Student : Good morning, sir. May I come in?

Teacher : Good morning, why are you late today?

Student : Sir, my grandfather had fever last night, and we took him to hospital this morning sir. That is why I am late.

Teacher : That’s all right.I know you are a good student.

Student : I will try to come early. Thank you, sir. 

Teacher : Good, go and attend the class.

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