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Chapter: Network Programming and Management : Simple Network Management

SNMP - Introduction

Network Management Requirements:



Network Management Requirements:


        Fault  Management:


o Determine the location of fault


o Isolate the fault and continue working o Minimize the impact of the fault


o   Repair or replace the failed component


        Account Management :


o Established charges for use of services and charge accordingly.


        Configuration and Name Management :


o Initializing a network and shutting down gracefully


o Maintaining, adding and updating the relationship among the components and status of the components.


        Performance Management;


o Facility needed to evaluate the behaviour of managed objects and the effectiveness of the communication activities.


o Control effectiveness of communication activities at various levels.


        Security Management:


o Address the security aspects essential for network management and to protect managed objects


o Protection of target network security, access control of facilities, generating, storing, distributing encryption keys, passwords, authorization control information etc.


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Network Programming and Management : Simple Network Management : SNMP - Introduction |

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