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Forts and Palaces | Term 3 Chapter 1 | 5th Social Science - Questions with Answers | 5th Social Science : Term 3 Unit 1 : Forts and Palaces

Chapter: 5th Social Science : Term 3 Unit 1 : Forts and Palaces

Questions with Answers

5th Social Science : Term 3 Unit 1 : Forts and Palaces : Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution, Evaluation

Forts and Palaces ( Term 3 Chapter 1 | 5th Social Science )


I. Choose the correct answer:


1. __________ fort was built by Kings of Vijayanagar.

a) Udayagiri

b) Vellore

c) Gingee

Answer: b) Vellore


2. Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace is situated in __________ .

a) Salem

b) Thirumalai

c) Madurai

Answer: c) Madurai


3. _________ Mahal is considered as one of the oldest histroical libraries in India.

a) Saraswathi

b) Lakshmi

c) Durga

Answer: a) Saraswathi


4. Padmanabhapuram Palace is in __________.

a) Ooty

b) Kanyakumari

c) Chennai

Answer: b) Kanyakumari


5._________fort is locally called Danish fort.

a) Dindigul

b) Gingee

c) Tharangambadi

Answer: c) Tharangambadi


II. Match the following.

1. Gingee fort- Pudukottai

2. Danish fort- Chennai

3. Tammukkam Palace- Villupuram

4. Thirumayam fort- Madurai

5. Fort St. George- Tharangambadi


1. Gingee fort- Villupuram

2. Danish fort- Tharangambadi

3. Tamukkam Palace- Madurai

4. Thirumayam fort - Pudukottai

5. Fort St.Geoge- Chennai


II. True or False.

1. Tamil Nadu has been ruled by many rulers, especially by the Chera, Chola, Pandya and Pallava rulers. (True)

2. Vellore Fort has five mahals. (True)

3. Dindigul Fort was built by the Nayaks of Madurai. (True)

4. Oomayan Kottai is the other name for Gingee fort. (False)

5. The Padmanabhapuram Palace was built by the ruler of Travancore. (True)


IV. Answer the following.

1. What are the prime attractions of Tamil Nadu tourism?

Palaces, Forts and other historical sites are the prime attractions of Tamilnadu tourism.

2. Write a short note on Tharangambadi fort.

Tharangambadi fort is locally called Danish fort. It is located on the shores of Bay of Bengal in Tharangambadi (Tranquebar), Tamilnadu.

The fort is trapezoidal in shape with three rooms in the left wing. The central part of the fort has four domes. The central pillar of the hall holds the entire weight of the domes.

3. Name some of the tourist attractions of Gingee fort.

Gingee fort is a huge fort with many attractions like Kalyan Mahal, temples, Aanaikulam pond, granaries and a watch tower.

4. Give a short note on Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace.

Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace is located in the city of Madurai. This is one of the tourist spots of Tamil Nadu.

Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace is widely known for its giant pillars. It has an archaeological museum. The major attraction of this palace is the courtyard and the dancing hall.

5. Who built the Thanjavur Maratha Palace? Write some of its tourist attractions.

Thanjavur Maratha palace was originally constructed by the rulers of Thanjavur Nayakkar Kingdom. After the fall of the Thanjavur Nayakkar Kingdom, it served as the official residence for Thanjavur Maratha.

Thanjavur Palace Complex is a tourist attraction which houses three separate venues : The palace, the art gallery and a manuscript library (Saraswathi Mahal)


V. Answer in detail.

1. Describe the structure of the Vellore fort.

Vellore Fort is a 16th Century fort situated in Vellore, TamilNadu. It was built by the Kings of Vijayanagara.

Among the forts in Tamil Nadu, Vellore fort is considered to be one of the most invincible forts. It is surrounded by a deep and wide moat. The water of this moat was home to thousands of crocodile. It was feared by many raiders of the fort.

This fort is a good example of military architecture. It is studded with double fortifications. In 1799, Tipu Sultan's family was detained here by the British. The first rebellion against the British broke out at Vellore Fort in 1806.

Inside the Vellore fort, there is a well-known temple called Jalakanteswarar temple. There are a Church, a Mosque, a Museum and several Government Offices in it.

Vellore Fort has five important Mahals. They are:

Hyder Mahal

Tippu Mahal

Begam Mahal

Candy Mahal

Badhusha Mahal

2. Write about Dindigul fort.

Dindigul fort is a 17th century hill fort situated in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. It is also called Dindigul Malai kottai. In the 18th Century, the fort was passed on to the Kingdom of Mysore.

Dindigul fort was built by the Nayakkars of Madurai, in order to defend their region from the invading Mysore army. Presently, the fort is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The fort was cemented with double walls to withstand heavy artillery.


3. Describe the architecture and various sections of Padmanabhapuram Palace.

Padmanabapuram palace is a beautiful historical monument that is situated at Padmanabapuram , Kanyakumari District. It is also known as Kalkulam palace.

Padmanabapuram palace is a wooden palace which is built in Kerala style of architecture. It is a fine example of art and craftsmanship.

The Padmanabapuram palace was built by the ruler of Travancore. The palace has various sections like Queen Mother Palace, Council Chamber, Southern Palace and so on.





Create a model of any fort or palace.


Let us do

Name the following pictures.

(King, Queen, Prince, Princess)


Let us do

Connect the following objects with their names.

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