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Programming Fundamentals CNC

Fanuc G-Code List (Lathe), Fanuc G-Code List (Mill), Fanuc M-Code List (Lathe) : G code and Description

Programming Fundamentals CNC


Fanuc G-Code List (Lathe)

G code                  Description



G00   Rapid traverse


G01   Linear interpolation


G02   Circular interpolation CW


G03   Circular interpolation CCW


G04   Dwell


G09   Exact stop

G10   Programmable data input


G20   Input in inch


G21   Input in mm


G22   Stored stroke check function on


G23   Stored stroke check function off


G27   Reference position return check


G28   Return to reference position


G32   Thread cutting


G40   Tool nose radius compensation cancel


G41   Tool nose radius compensation left


G42   Tool nose radius compensation right


G70   Finish machining cycle


G71   Turning cycle


G72   Facing cycle


G73   Pattern repeating cycle


G74   Peck drilling cycle


G75   Grooving cycle


G76   Threading cycle


G92   Coordinate system setting or max. spindle speed setting


G94   Feed Per Minute


G95   Feed Per Revolution


G96   Constant surface speed control


G97   Constant surface speed control cancel


Fanuc G-Code List (Mill)


G code                 Description

          G00            Rapid traverse     



          G01            Linear interpolation      



          G02            Circular interpolation CW      



          G03            Circular interpolation CCW   



          G04            Dwell



          G17            X Y plane selection       



          G18            Z X plane selection       



          G19            Y Z plane selection       



          G28            Return to reference position   

G30   2nd, 3rd and 4th reference position return


G40   Cutter compensation cancel


G41   Cutter compensation left


G42   Cutter compensation right


G43   Tool length compensation + direction


G44   Tool length compensation – direction


G49   Tool length compensation cancel


G53   Machine coordinate system selection


G54   Workpiece coordinate system 1 selection


G55   Workpiece coordinate system 2 selection


G56   Workpiece coordinate system 3 selection


G57   Workpiece coordinate system 4 selection


G58   Workpiece coordinate system 5 selection


G59   Workpiece coordinate system 6 selection


G68   Coordinate rotation


G69   Coordinate rotation cancel


G73   Peck drilling cycle


G74   Left-spiral cutting circle


G76   Fine boring cycle


G80   Canned cycle cancel


G81   Drilling cycle, spot boring cycle


G82   Drilling cycle or counter boring cycle


G83   Peck drilling cycle


G84   Tapping cycle


G85   Boring cycle


G86   Boring cycle


G87   Back boring cycle


G88   Boring cycle


G89   Boring cycle


G90   Absolute command


G91   Increment command


G92 Setting for work coordinate system or clamp at maximum spindle speed

G98 Return to initial point in canned cycle


G99   Return to R point in canned cycle



Fanuc M-Code List (Lathe)


          M code                                    Description                   

          M00                               Program stop                         



          M01                               Optional program stop                    



          M02                               End of program                      



          M03                               Spindle start forward CW                         



          M04                               Spindle start reverse CCW                        



          M05                               Spindle stop                           



          M08                               Coolant on                    



          M09                               Coolant off                   



          M29                               Rigid tap mode                       



          M30                               End of program reset                       



          M40                               Spindle gear at middle                     



          M41                               Low Gear Select                     



          M42                               High Gear Select                     



          M68                               Hydraulic chuck close                      



          M69                               Hydraulic chuck open                      



          M78                               Tailstock advancing                         



          M79                               Tailstock reversing                           



          M94                               Mirrorimage cancel                          



          M95                               Mirrorimage of X axis                     



          M98                               Subprogram call                     



          M99                               End of subprogram                          


Fanuc M-Code List (Mill)

M code                 Description                   

          M00            Program stop                         



          M01            Optional program stop                    



          M02            End of program                      



          M03            Spindle start forward CW                         



          M04            Spindle start reverse CCW                        



          M05            Spindle stop                           



          M06            Tool change                            



          M07            Coolant ON – Mist coolant/Coolant thru spindle                            



          M08            Coolant ON – Flood coolant                     


M09  Coolant OFF


M19  Spindle orientation



M28  Return to origin



M29  Rigid tap



M30  End of program (Reset)



M41  Low gear select



M42  High gear select



M94  Cancel mirrorimage



M95  Mirrorimage of X axis



M96  Mirrorimage of Y axis



M98  Subprogram call



M99  End of subprogram

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