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Chapter: Mechanical : Maintenance Engineering : Principles and Practices of Maintenance Planning

Principles of maintenance

a) Plant management in maintenance work: b) Production and maintenance objectives: c) Establishment of work order and recording system: d) Information based decision making: e) Adherence to planned maintenance strategy: f) Planning of maintenance function: etc

Principles of maintenance

a)     Plant management in maintenance work:


The main role of a maintenance function is to provide safe and effective operation of the equipment to achive the desired targets on time with economics usage of resources.


b)  Production and maintenance objectives:


The plant operation is driven by the production targets.The objective of maintenance function is to support these target.The achivement of desired goals of athe production system is to be supported by both the production and maintenance department to ensure smooth and succesfull operation of the industry.


c)  Establishment of work order and recording system:


The maintenance system should have proper work and recording system.The work order for the maintenance function indicates the nature of work to be performed and the series of operations to be followed to execute a particular job. It is necessary to maintain proper records and entries to monitor the maintenance function.


d)  Information based decision making:


The maintenance objectives are successfully achieved by the use of reliable information system. This information is used to meet the manpower and spare parts re4quirements of the industry.

e)  Adherence to planned maintenance strategy:


A sound maintenance management should adhere to the planned maintenance stratergy.This also includes the use of manufacturer information on the life and maintenance schedules of the equipment and other material resources available.


f)  Planning of maintenance function:


All the maintenance function are to be carefully executed by a way of proper planning to ensure the effective utilization of manpower and materials.

g)  Manpower for maintenance:


The manpower requirement of the maintenance system must be carefully evaluated based on the time and motion study.The requirements should also satisfies the need arising in case of overhauls, component replacement, emergency and unscheduled repair.


h)  Work force control:


Determination of exact work force required to meet the maintenance objectives of the system is difficulty task due to the element of uncertainty.Hence the proper control and monitoring of workforce are needs to be ensured.


i)      Role of  spare parts :


j)      A good maintenance management system requires appropriate tools.So the system should have good quality tools and that too available in required quantities to ensure the proper function of the maintenance work.

k)    Training of maintenance work force:


Training of the workforce must be integral part of any good maintenance management system.Training helps the workforce to learn about the modern techniques,recent trents in maintenance and to chalk out a strategy to meet the growing demands of the industry.

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