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Chapter: Mechanical : Maintenance Engineering : Principles and Practices of Maintenance Planning

Important factors considered in maintenance planning

a) Job distribution: b) Programme : c) Manpower allocation: d) Staffing: e) Planning technique : f) Planning procedure: g) Estimation of maintenance work: i) Maintenance control:

Important factors considered in maintenance planning


a)  Job distribution:


The first and foremost task in maintenance planning is the distribution of the jobs to the personnel for preventive and emergency maintenance works.It is the practice to form two separate task groups to tacle the both.If not possible a same group can also be used to tacle both the situations in such way that during scheduling,time must be devoted for unforeseen breakdowns or situations in maintenance.

b)  Programme :


The development of maintenance programs involves o Selection of activities for maintenance


o Determination of the frequency of preventive maintenance o Decision on the cost effective methodology


Selection of activities


This selection is based on cost involved between preventive and breakdown maintenance.

c)  Manpower allocation:


The manpower allocation is the most important task of the maintenance management group.It provides adequate manpower to


execute various jobs in the system.This should also take into consideration the skill level of personal deputed for the maintenance tasks.The central idea of manpower allocation can be drafted using the information available from maintenance records and planning the task to meet the objectives of the organization.


d)  Staffing:


Staffing is the task of providing the required manpower for the maintenance function.This has to be achieved at optimum cost.Staffing is depent upon the ability of the organization to tackle the regular as well as attending the unforeseen situations.Staffing should be sufficient to handle preventive and emergency maintenance task.

e)  Planning technique :


The planning methods are Gantt charts,Milestone method,Critical path method and program evaluation review.Evolutionary computation based techniques are recently used for maintenance planning and scheduling.


f)                  Planning procedure:

Planning procedure involves four step processes.


        Organising maintenance resources to ensure their effective use in future


        Scheduling the resources for the planned period


        Execution of plans according to the schedules


        Establishing a feedback system for all the above processes to know the deficiencies of each of the processes.


g)     Estimation of maintenance work:

h)    Estimation is used to  find out the quantity and quality of the maintenance work.This will help in allocation of the required manpower.The following methods are used for the estimation of maintenance wok. Measurement by estimates,historical data and by conventional standard time data.


i)                Maintenance control:


Maintenance control is the auditing techniques to ensure the effective utilization of the maintenance budget.This involves the integration of accountability with in the system.Prope accounting of maintenance work should be carried out at every level of the maintenance organization.



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