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Chapter: Programming and Data Structures : Linear Data structures- List

Important Short Questions and Answers: Linear Data structures- List

Programming and Data Structures - Linear Data structures- List

1. What is meant by an abstract data type?


An ADT is an object with a generic description independent of implementation details. This description includes a specification of an components from which the object is made and also behavioral details of objects.


2. Advantages and Disadvantages of arrays? Advantages:


Data accessing is faster


Array‟s are simple-in terms of understanding point and in terms of programming.



Array size is fixed


Array elements stored continuously


Insertion and deletion of elements in an array is difficult.


3. What is an array?


Array may be defined abstractly as a finite ordered set of homogenous elements. Finite means there is a specific number of elements in the array.


4. What is a linked list?


Linked list is a kind of series of data structures, which are not necessarily adjacent in memory. Each structure contains the element and a pointer to a record containing its successor.


5. What is singly linked list?


A singly linked list is a linked list, there exists only one link field in each and every node and all nodes are linked together in some sequential manner and this type of linked list is called singly linked list.


6. What is a doubly linked list?


In a simple linked list, there willtopoint be on the next element, where as in a doubly linked list, there will be two pointers one to point the next


element and the other to point the previous element location.


7. Define double circularly linked list?


In a doubly linked list, if the last node or pointer of the list, point to the first element of the list, then it is a circularly linked list.


8. What is the need for the header?


Header of the linked list is the first element in the list and it stores the number of elements in the list. It points to the first data element of the list.


9. Define Polynomial ADT

A polynomial object is a homogeneous ordered list of pairs <exponent, coefficient>, where each coefficient is unique.

Operations include returning the degree, extracting the coefficient for a given exponent, addition, multiplication, evaluation for a given input. 10x4+5x2+1


10. How to search an element in list.


Searching can be initiated from first node and it is compared with given element one after the other until the specified key is found or until the end of the list is encountered.


11. Define Dqueue?


Dqueue is also data structure where elements can be inserted from both ends and deleted from both ends. To implement a dqueue operations using singly linked list operations performed insert_front, delete_front, insert_rear, delete_rear and display functions.


12. How to implement stack using singly linked list


Stack is an Last In First Out (LIFO) data structure. Here , elements are inserted from one end called push operation and the same elements are deleted from the same end called pop operation


So, using singly linked list stack operations are performed in the front or other way ew can perform rear end also.


13.What are the types of Linear linked list?

  Singly linked lists


  Circular singly linked lists


  Doubly linked lists


  Circular doubly linked lists



14.What are advantages of Linked lists?

Linked lists are dynamic data structures

The size is not fixed


Data can store non-continuous memory blocks


Insertion and deletion of nodes are easier and efficient


Complex applications

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