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Important Short Questions and Answers: Industrial Relation

Business Science - Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare - Industrial Relation - Important Short Questions and Answers: Industrial Relation




1.Define Industrial Relations.


According to Kapoor defined as the ―Industrial Relations is a developing and dynamic concept and such no more limits itself merely to the complex relations between the unions and management but also refers to the general web of relationships normally obtaining between employees – a web much more complex than the single concept of labour capital conflict‖.


2.What do you mean by Industrial Relations?


The Term ―Industrial Relations‖ commonly denotes ―employee – employee relations‖, in both organized and unorganized sectors of the economy. Industrial Relations (also known as labour – management relations or labour relations) will be treated here as the study of employee – employer relationship and the outcome of such relationship.


3.Write down some important objectives of Industrial Relation?


Ø  To enhance the economic status of the worker by improving wages, benefits and by helping the workers in evolving sound budget.

Ø  To establish a proper channel of communication between workers and management.


Ø  To provide an opportunity to the workers to have a say in the management and decision making.


Ø  To avoid industrial conflicts and to maintain harmonious relations.


Ø  To increase the morale and discipline of workers.


4.What is the scope of Industrial Relation?

Ø  Safeguard the interest of the workers.


Ø  Fixing reasonable wages.


Ø  Providing good working atmosphere.


Ø  By collective bargaining. The industrial peace could be attained.


Ø  By Setting industrial disputes through mutual understanding and agreement.


5.Write down the causes of poor industrial relations?

Ø  Unhealthy Working Conditions.


Ø  Indiscipline.


Ø  Inadequate fixation of wage.


Ø  Lack of human relations skill on the part of supervisors and other managers.


Ø  Inadequate welfare facilities.


Ø  Dispute on sharing the gains of productivity.


6. Define Trade Union.


According to Dale Yoder defined as ―A trade union is a continuous association of wage


– earners for the purpose of maintaining or improving the conditions of their working lives‖.




7.What do you mean by Trade Union?


In the words of Indian Trade Union Act, 1926, ―A trade union is any combination, whether temporary or permanent, formed primarily for the purpose of regulating the relations between workmen and employers, or between workmen and workmen, between employers and employers, or for imposing restrictive conditions on the conduct of any trade or business, and includes any federation of two or more trade unions‖.


8. Define Trade Dispute.


A trade dispute was defined by TULRA as ―A dispute between workers and employers which is "connected with" one or more of the following: terms and conditions of employment, engagement or non -engagement or termination or suspension of employment of workers, allocation of work, discipline, membership or non-membership of a union, union facilities, and management -union procedures‖.


9.What are the Objectives of Code of Conduct?


Ø  To ensures that the employers and employees recognize each others rights and obligations.


Ø  To avoid work stoppage.


Ø  To facilitate the free growth of trade unions.


Ø  To maintain discipline in industry.


10.Write a short note Reformist Union.


These unions are those which aim at the preservation of the capitalist society and the maintenance of the usual employer – employee relationship, elimination of competitive system of production. They neither seek comprehensive change nor wish to destroy the existing social, economic or political structure of the State.


11.What is Craft Union?


It is an organization of workers employed in a particular craft or trade or in a single or two or three related trades / crafts / occupations. Such organizations link together those workers who have similar skills, craft training and specialization. This Union is also called as Horizontal Union.


12.What is Employee Discipline?


Discipline is management action to encourage compliance with organization standards. According to Decenzo and Robbins, discipline refers to a condition in the organization where employees conduct themselves in accordance with the organization‘s rules and standards of acceptable behavior.


13.What you mean by Public Enterprise?

Company whose shares are available and traded on the stock market or other over-the-counter market. Subject to more regulation than a privately owned company, a public enterprise has greater access to financing. Shareholders own a percentage of the company based on the amount of stock they own.



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