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Human Resource Policies

Predetermined established guideline towards the attainted of accepted goals and objectives.



• Predetermined  established  guideline  towards  the  attainted  of  accepted  goals


and objectives.


• Guidelines facilitate properly designed efforts to accomplish the strategic intent.


―A policy is a man-made rule of pre-determined course of action that is established to


guide the performance of work toward the organisation objectives. It is a type of standing plan


that serves to guide subordinates in the execution of their tasks‖.



Specific goals, aims , Quantitative terms which the Individual or group seeks to accomplish (Policy is the guide to accomplish)



It is developed on polices – simply the decisions –leads to specific action including practices and procedures.



Procedure defines the manner or way of accomplishing - It is process or method.



Policy Differentiated from Objectives , Programmes and Procedure

Flippo definition of policy


is the man made rule of pre determined course of action that is established to guide the performance of work toward the organization objectives.Yoder


A policy is a pre determined, selected course established as a guide towards accepted goals and objectives. They establish the framework of guiding principles that facilitate delegation to lower levels and permit individual managers to select appropriate tactics or programmes.‖ Personnel Polices are those that individual have developed to keep them on track towards their personnel objectives.



Personnel Polices refer to principles and rules to conduct which “Formulate, redefine, break into details and decide a number of actions ”that govern the relationship with employees in the attainment of organizational objectives.


Personnel Polices are


         Key stone in the arch of the management


         Life blood for the successful functioning of the personnel management.


         Statement of intentions


         Positive declaration and command to an organization.


Need for a HR Policy


         Avoid unintended obligations

         Legal requirements

         Employment at will, contractual status


         Defense of claims


        Helps avoid union organizing


        Risk management


        Time saver


Features of a sound HR Policy


        Definite, positive, clear and easy to understand




        Reasonable stable


        Supplementary to all other policies of the orgn and the public policy.


Recognition and individual relationship between the mgmt and the employees


         Based on the facts


         Provide two way communication


         Supported by the mgmt, employees and the union






         Uniform for the entire organization


         Practically applicable


Aims and objective of Personnel polices


         Enable the orgn to carry out the main objectives


         Awareness of items in policies and to secure the co operation


         Sense of unity with the enterprise


         Provide competent , adequate and trained personnel for all levels and types of management


         To protect the common interest of all parties


         Recognize the role trade unions in the organization.


         Efficient consultative service.


         Management leadership


         Delegating the human relations


         Co operative understanding


         Security of employment



         Opportunity for growth


         Payment of fair and adequate wages


         To recognize the work and accomplishments


         To create the sense of responsibility.


Principles of HR policy


         Right man in the right place


         Train everyone for the job to be done


         Make the orgn a coordinated team


         SS the right tools and right conditions of work


         Give security with opportunity , incentive , recognition


         Look ahead, plan head for more and better things.



Types of HR Policies


        Functional vs centralized policy


– Functional –Different categories of personnel


– Centralized –Common throughout the orgn


         Minor vs Major


– Minor – Relationship in a segment of an organization , with considerable emphasis on details and procedures.


– Major –Overall objectives, procedures and control which affect an organization as whole.


Specific Policies


         Hiring –factors like reservation , martial status,


         Terms and conditions –compensation policy , hours of work, overtime , promotion , transfer, etc


         Medical assistance - sickness benefits


         Housing, transport, and other allowances.


         Training and development


         Industrial relations



Coverage of HR Policies


o Travel Pay

o Work Records

o Temporary & Casual

o  Appointments

o Workweek & Pay Periods

o Compensation

o Employee Discipline

o Pay bands


• Pay Advances

• Sick Leave

• Voting

• Worker's Compensation

• Labor Relations

• Probation

• Grievance Procedure

• Ethical Conduct

• Sick




• Salary Administration                          • Orientation


• Relocation Pay                                     • Vacancies


• Payroll Deductions                               • Employment Offers


• Rates of Pay for New Employees         • References


• Terminating Employees                        • Interviewing


• Layoff                                                   • Candidate Testing


• Performance                                         • Transfers


• Career Development                             • Consultants and Contractors


• Workshops and Seminars                    • Recruitment Advertising


• Family Health Leave                             • Continuous Service


• Holidays                                               • Retirement Plan


• Vacation                                               • Accidental Insurance


• Leaves of Absence Without Pay


• Personal Leave





Why to adopt Policies


Following are the benefits of adopting the policies by the organization


– Complete thought of the basic needs of both organization and employees


– Established policies ensure consistent treatment of all personnel treatment throughout the organization


– Policy promotes stability –continuity of action


– It serve as a standard of performance


– Helps to build employee motivation and loyalty


– Helps to resolve interpersonal or intrapersonal and intergroup conflicts.



Formulating Policies


        Five principle source for determining the content and meaning of policies


– Past practice


– Prevailing practice in the rival companies


– Attitudes and philosophies of the founders (Top level Management


– Attitudes and philosophies of middle level management.


– Knowledge and experience from handling personnel problems


Steps in design the Policy


1.     Initiate a policy


2.     Uncovering the facts by personnel department


3.     Recommending a policy to top management


4.     Put the policy in writing


5.     Explaining and discussing the proposed policy with members


6.     Adopting and launching it


7.     Communicating it to employees to all levels


8.     Administering it


9.     Initiating a follow up


10.                    Evaluating it

11.                    Restating or Reformulating the policy


Elements of HR Policy


History of Company’sGrowth


Employment practice and condition of employment


Grievance of redressal procedure


Safety rules and regulation


Mutuality of interest and need for co operation


Employee financial aids


Educational Opportunities


Employees news sheet and house journal


Company policy


Collective bargaining


Procedures of disseminating information on company policies


Maintenance of discipline & Public Relations


Employees news sheet and house journal

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