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Group Interview

Group  Interview
Interviewing guide : how i must appear in the interview.

Group  Interview  involves  a group  of number  of interviewers  asking  a group  of candidates.  The purpose  of this  interview  method  is to select  potential  candidates  for management  positions  or public  positions  (in  which  the candidates  are required  to communicate  with  publicity).  Excellent candidates  are gathered  into  groups  of 8-10 people.  After  that,  they will  be asked to debate on certain  topics  raised  by the  interviewers.  The  interviewers  shall  observe  and assess the candidates'  ability  to communicate,  persuade  and discuss  with  others.  Also,  the intervie ws  may measure  the  candidates'  ability  of reasoning  and cooperating  with  others.


Groups  interview  tips


1.   Be polite  and generous  with  others.  Try to break the ice  with  your  interesting  introduction to other  candidates.

2.   Listen  to the  interviewer's  instructions  carefully  and analyze  them  well.

3.   Actively  and dynamically  participate  in the  discussion.  That  is  highly  expected by the interviewers.  Don't  just  stay there  and listen  as it may  cost you the chance  of getting  the job.

4.   Nevertheless,  knowing  to listen  is  important,  too. You must  know when to be a talker  and when  to be a listener.  That's  important.

5.   Don't  be stubborn  and  too much  aggressive  in  your  discussion.  Be cooperative,  stay calm and listen  attentively.  Those  are requirements  of a potential  candidate.

6.   Try to deal with  conflict  in an appropriate  manner.  There  out  to be disagreements  in a discussion,  certainly.  The  goal of the  discussion  is to debate on a common  solution; however,  only  cooperation  may  be able to come  to such a solution  but  not aggressiveness or arrogance.

7.   Appreciate  others'  opinions  and support  others  in  narrating  their  ideas.

8.   Constructive  criticism  is  good in a debate; however,  make  your  points  so that  they don't cause  any offense.

9.   Try to avoid  any conflict  or ―quarrel‖  in a discussion.  All  of candidates  are supposed  to work in a team  but not fight  in a competition.  So, try to lead  the discussion  to a positive outcome.

10. Make a list  of constructive  questions  to ask in the  discussion.

11. When you are required  to answer  questions  by the  interviewer,  keep your  answer  short and complete.

12. Work as a team but also  remember  to make you individually  outstanding.

Study Material, Lecturing Notes, Assignment, Reference, Wiki description explanation, brief detail

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