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Interviewing guide : how i must appear in the interview.



Phone  Interview  is  a useful  method  of pre-selecting  or screening  a number  of candidates  for  a potential  job. It helps  narrow the  candidate  pool and selects  out those  who shall  be invited  to a personal  interview.  Also,  this  method  helps  reduce  the cost of interview  as it  reduces  the number of candidates  for  a personal  interview.


Phone  interview tips


    Know which  zone  gives  you best comfort.  Many people  are well-performed  in such  a quite  room;  in  contrast,  the  rest would  rather  pace around.  If you are just  interested  in sitting  still,  the  perfect  choice  for you is  to be in a room freely  from  being  bothered.  In case walking  and talking  is your  style,  a prepared route  should  be put under  careful considerations.  This  will  be a help  in ensuring  that  no outside  noise  or unwelcomed

distractions  such as sirens  can appear. Make certain  that  the walk  is  totally  fresh  and leisure  so that  your  breath maintains  calm.

    Smile.  Pessimistic  or strained  attitude  can be easily  revealed  through  a phone  call.  Before the  interview,  relax  yourself  with  some  minutes  of listening  to a favorite  song or enjoying a funny  video  on YouTube.  Being  in a good mood  is of great  importance.

    Set call  waiting  in disable  mode.  In case you cannot  disable  call  waiting,  you must  ignore if  there  is someone  calling  you.

    Be well-dressed.  Facts have  shown  that  if you look  best dressed in at least  business  casual attire,  it  will  create such a great  difference  in  your  capacity  of concentrating  on the interview.  Putting  on the appropriate  clothes  and having  a serious  approach to the call  is  a good way that  makes  your  behavior  become  professional  no matter  how your surroundings  are.

    If the call  is  made  on a cell  phone,  ensure  that  it  is not  windy  nearby.  The  noise  of wind may  avert  you from  clearly  hearing  the  questions  and the  interviewers  may  find  it  much more  difficult  to get your  answers.

    Chewing  gum,  cigarettes,  food or other  stuffs  are not  advised  to be used.  They can butt  invocal  chords while  the interview  is  in progress.

    Listen.  If there  is no visual  communication  during  a personal  interview,  it  will  be very difficult  to know what  time  is  best to stop talking.  If you are too nervous  and your  blood flows  too fast,  the  mistake  of over-saying  is  easily  apparent.  Be certain  that  you speak slowly  and clearly.  As soon as you have  finished  answering  all  the  questions,  feel  fine with  such  probably  inconvenient  moment  of silence.  Accordingly,  the interviewer   can see that  you are done, and then they  will  continue  to ask. You should  listen  and be patient  to wait  for them,  and afterwards,  fulfill  their  wonders,  and then  proceed. It is  advised  that you note  down some  key points  of each question.

    Stand up. A stretch  of your  body will  help  you relax  with  a full  strength  of your  lungs.

Accordingly,  you can speak more  accurately  and powerfully.

    Practice  makes perfect.  In all  cases, practicing  before  the real interview  offers  you better preparations  for  the popular  interview  questions.  Do not forget  to ―act  in practice  as you will  in the  game‖.  You can see a big difference.

    If you wear earrings,  they  should  be put off  before  the phone  call.  A lot  of people  get used to adjusting  the  phone's  headset  while  the  call  is  on.  It is  likelihood  that  such earrings  will  rub  up against  the  phone;  an awful  and bothering  noise  can be created  for those  who are now on the  call.

     No speaker phone.

    Do not forget  to ask for  the names  of your  interviewers.  And  then,  remember  to give them  a polite  thank  you.

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