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Chapter: 5th Social Science : Term 1 Unit 3 : Good Citizen

Good Citizen

‘Man is a social animal’. Human beings are bestowed with senses. Human beings think and act using their senses.

Unit 3

Good Citizen


Who is a human? What are the differences between animals and human beings?

‘Man is a social animal’. Human beings are bestowed with senses. Human beings think and act using their senses. They are born free but bound in the social web. They cannot live alone. They need social and emotional support. To live in the society they need to develop some good values.

We are born with few values and rights. These values are further polished in educational institutions. The aim of education is to change a person into a valuable person.

Good values are the qualities of a person that keep society running. These qualities can be developed by all.

The term ‘civic’ relates to people or civilian or citizen of a country. People should live together in unity.

Living together in harmony despite all the disparities is a significant value. Helping others is also an important value.

There should be no disparity among people and all are one. Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens of the nation. Moral and good values have to be grown among children so that they may become valuable citizens.


Personal values:

Personal value is the basic value for every individual. We must bring out the hidden values of a person that they acquire from their experiences. This leads to their overall development.

Citizenship is the right to live in a best way as a civilian. This includes a person’s participation in Government activities too.


Try these

1. We show love to all living beings.

2. Help the poor with generosity.

3. Honesty is the best policy.

4. The best relationship is friendship.

5. We show hospitality to our guests.

6. We show mercy to those who suffer.

7. Always speak the truth.

8. We must maintain tolerance in public. 

Love, mercy, generosity, honesty, truth, friendship, hospitality, peace, tolerance, faith etc. are personal values. (Fill in the above blanks with the help of these values)


Try these

1. What is your mother tongue? Tamil

2. Honesty is the best policy.

3. Main food of North India is wheat.

4. Rice is the main food of south India.

5. How many languages do you know? Two languages (Tamil & English).


Cultural values

To become well mannered and cultured is an essence of the society.

Irrespective of language and religion people live together in harmony. This help to maintain cultural values.

* We are Tamil people and Indians too. We are all human.

* We must live together as brothers and sisters.


Social values

How should we behave in public places? We can maintain good values in public places by following the points given below.

* Maintain good relations with people

* Respect elders

* Respect nature

* Be tolerant

* Maintain friendship


Do you Know?

* The king Sibi offered the flesh of his thighs to a wounded dove.

* To give justice to a cow, Manuneethi Cholan killed his son under the wheels of his chariot.

* King Paari offered his chariot to mullai, a climber (Rotana climber)

* King Pehan offered his shawl to a peacock



1. Grow trees to get rainfall.

2. Millions benefit if they live together/peacefully.

3. United we stand divided we fall.


Disciplinary values

Punctuality, involvement, treating every one as equal, doing work ontime, holding your morals, doing duties without fail, etc. are disciplinary values.

Circle the good values given above:



A citizen is a person who is a member of a particular country and enjoys various rights and executes his duties. A sovereign state provides Citizenship to its people. Right to live, right to vote, right to work and reside anywhere in the country are the other rights enjoyed by the citizens.


Constitutional values:

1. Safeguard the public properties.

2. Maintain the unity and integrity of the nation.

3. Develop scientific attitude.

4. Protect the natural resources.

5. Care for the environment.

6. Honour the national symbols.

7. Respect martyrs and their sacrifices.

8. Preserve our culture and heritage.

9. Develop patriotism.

Match the following

There are some factors that affect our values:

* Extreme faith in religion leads to communalism.

* Don’t break the queue / rules.

* Spitting and dumping garbage anywhere.

* Polluting land and water.


Let us know:

In the name of faith and worship people violate rules and values.

For example:

1. Breaking of white pumpkin (poosanikai) on the roads causes inconvenience to the people.

2. Burning the old objects.

3. Submerging idols in water bodies.

4. Bursting crackers causes pollution.

In the name of modernization polythene, plastics and non-decomposable things are used which causes various problems in the environment.

Good conduct and moral science are nothing but civic values.


Factors that enriches good values are:

• Literacy

• Creating awareness and interests

• Trying hard till success

• One’s own evaluation

• Acceptance

• Self confidence

One main feature of good value is to preserve hygiene. Each person should be taught to be hygienic and follow the routine given below

• Wakeup early in the morning

• Brush your teeth

• Have a bath

• Wear clean clothes

• Wear slippers / shoes

• Trim hair and cut the nails

• Wash hands before and after meals.



* Good values are developed by practicing them.

* Honesty is the best policy.

* Good values are classified into four types.

1. Personal values 2. Social values 3. Cultural values 4. Disciplinary values.

* Personal values are love, generosity, mercy etc.

* Cultural values include indiscriminate society and various cultural features.

* Mannerism is an important feature of social values.

* To protect equality is the soul of disciplinary value.

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