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Chapter: Power System Operation and Control : Reactive Power -Voltage Control

Excitation Systems Requirements

Elements of Excitation System: Exciter, Regulator, Terminal voltage transducer and load compensator, Power system stabilizer, Limiters and protective circuits.



a.     Meet specified response criteria.


b.     Provide limiting and protective functions are required to prevent damage to itself, the generator, and other equipment.


c.      Meet specified requirements for operating flexibility


d.     Meet the desired reliability and availability, by incorporating the necessary level of redundancy and internal fault detection and isolation capability.






Ø   provides dc power to the synchronous machine field winding constituting the power stage of the excitation system.




Ø   Process and amplifies input control signals to a level and form appropriate for control of the exciter.


Ø   This includes both regulating and excitation system stabilizing function.


Terminal voltage transducer and  load compensator:


Ø   Senses generator terminal voltage, rectifier and filters it to dc quantity, and compares it with a reference which represents the desired terminal voltage.


Power system stabilizer:


Ø   provides an additional input signal to the regulator to damp power system oscillation.


Limiters and protective circuits:

Ø        These include a wide array of control and protective function which ensure that the capability limits of the exciter and synchronous generator are not exceeded.

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