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Chapter: 12th Nursing : Chapter 3 : Applied Psychology


Human beings are emotional beings and emotions add colour and spice to our life.


Human beings are emotional beings and emotions add colour and spice to our life.

Emotions are the outward expressions of the feelings. They are usually aroused by external stimuli and emotional expression is directed towards the stimuli in the environment that arouses it.


Meaning of emotion

Emotions are agitated states of our mind and body leading us to perform some or other types of behavioural acts.

It is a subjective response that is usually accompanied by a physiological change and is associated with a change in behavior.


Types of emotions

Emotions are categorized as positive emotions and negative emotions.

Positive emotions

The Positive emotions are pleasant emotions like amusement, love, curiosity, joy and happiness which are helpful and essential for the development of an individual.

Negative emotions

Negative emotions are the unpleasant emotions like fear, anger, jealousy which are harmful to the well being and development of an individual.

At the same time, too much of everything is bad. Emotions with too much intensity and frequency whether positive or negative bring harmful effects.


Components of emotion there are three basic components:

               Congnitive:- Physiological and behavioural

               Cognitive component:- Includes the thoughts, values and expectations that help in determining the intensity and type of emotions.

               Physiological component:- It is also known as a arousal. This is an internal physical changes that occur in the bodies when one experiences an emotion.

               Behavioural or Expressive component:-Action done as a result of cognitive and physiology. Ex. Emotional expression is a form of communication. A baby’s smile can create bonding.


Bodily changes accompanying emotions

There are bodily changes happening during positive as well as negative emotions.

Internal bodily changes: It includes changes in

               Functioning of heart

               Blood circulation

               Functioning of digestive system

               Sugar level

               Red Blood cells


               Secretions of ducts and ductless glands

               Sweating and perspiration

               Tone of the muscles

               Functioning of the brain

External bodily changes: These are observed in

               Face as facial expressions

               Body postures

               Voice as vocal expressions


Emotional Adjustments

Emotional adjustment is the realization of one’s emotions and feelings and controlling feelings when making relationship with others.

It is the capability of adjusting to his self and environment in relation to the use and expression of his own emotions. An emotionally adjusted person has an ability to express all types of emotions, positive or negative, in an appropriate degree with reasonable control at the appropriate time.


Characteristics of an emotionally adjusted person

               All emotions are easily recognized in him

               He/She expresses emotions in a socially desirable way

               He exercises control over his emotions

               He is not a day dreamer.

               He will not run away from realities

               He is guided more by his intellect than his emotions

               He never puts the responsibility of his own mistakes on others

               He possess adequate self concept and self respect

               He thinks for others

               He never engages in antisocial behavior

               He maintains social relationships

               He has emotional stability


Emotions in Health and illness

·  All emotions are basically useful to our survival.

·  Emotions are capable of exercising a leading role in the health and happiness of the individual.

·  An emotionally adjusted person is found to possess a good health, free from illness or diseases.

·  An emotionally maladjusted individual is characterized with a poor health and ailing personality.

·  The person with positive emotions enjoys good physical health

·  Many of our chronic physical conditions and illnesses are linked with emotional maladjustment.

Emotional maladjustments increases the individual’s susceptibility to many physical and mental ailments.


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