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Distinguish between the following

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VI. Distinguish between the following


1. Producers and Decomposers


• Producers are self nourishing components of the ecosystem.

• Hence they are called Autotrophs. Eg. Plants, Algae, Bacteria etc


• Decomposers are some organisms that are incapable of preparing its own food.

• They live on dead and decaying plants and animals. Hence they are called Saprotophs. Eg. fungus, mushrooms


2. Terrestrial biomes and Aquatic biomes.

Terrestrial Biomes

• Terrestrial Biomes is a group of living organisms that live and interact with one another on land.

• Tropical Forest Biomes Tropical Savanna Biomes, Desert Biomes Temperate Grassland Biomes and Tundra Biomes are the five major terrestrial biomes of the world.

Aquatic Biomes

• Aquatic Biomes is a group of living organisms that live and interact with one another and its aquatic environment for nutrients and shelter.

• It is broadly classified as Fresh water Biomes and Marine Biomes.


3. Tropical vegetation and Desert vegetation

Tropical vegetation

• This biomes extends between 10°N and 10°S of the Equator. Shows high annual rainfall and high temperature.

• The chief trees found here are rubber, bamboo, ebony etc. Bats, pheasants, jaguars, elephants etc are the important birds and animals found here.

• They sustain their livelihood through food gathering, fishing, lumbering and shifting cultivation.

Desert vegetation

• Deserts are usually found on the western margins of the continents between 20° and 30°N and S latitudes. The annual rainfall is less than 25 an in these regions.

• Drought resistant thorny scrubs and bushes, palms are found here. Reptiles like snakes lizards, scorpions etc are most commonly found here.

• Tribal people who live here practice food gathering and hunting.


4. Savannas and Tundra.


• Savannas are tropical grasslands

• These grasslands are found in the sahel, south of Sahara in East Africa and in Australia.

• This biome is generally hot, dry and experiences moderate to low rainfall.

• Tall and sharp grass grows here

• People are nomadic

• Chief occupation is herding

• The common animals found have are the lion, leopard, tiger, deer, Zebra, giraffe etc.

• Rhodes grass, red oats grass, lemon grass etc grow here


• Tundra is avast lowland

• Tundra is found in Greenland, Arctic, Antarctic regions and northern parts of Asia. Canada and Europe.

• This biomes experiences long severe winter and short cool summer.

• Productivity is very low

• People are nomadic

• Chief occupations are hunting and fishing

• Common animals are polar bear, wolverine, reindeer, snowy owl etc.

• Arctic moss, Arctic willow, lichens etc grow here.


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