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Answer the following in a paragraph

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VII. Answer the following in a paragraph:


1. Explain the various components of ecosystem

Components of ecosystem


• Abiotic components

• Biotic components

• Energy component

Abiotic components

• The components include the non-living, inorganic, Physical and chemical factors in the environment are "Abiotic Component" Ex. Land, Air, Water, Calcium, Iron.

Biotic components

• The components include plants, animals and micro organisms are ’’Biotic components"

Producers – Autotrophs are self nourishing components.

Primary Consumers Herbivores - Ex. Zebra, Goat

Secondary Consumers - Camicores

Teritary Consumers - Top carnivores

Decomposers - Saprotrophs (live on died and decaying plants and animals)

Energy components: - The sun is the ultimate source of energy for the biosphere as a while.

All the organisms use energy to work and convent are form of energy in to another.


2. Write a paragraph on the functions of an ecosystem.

Functions of an ecosystem

• The functioning of an ecosystem depends on the pattern of the energy flow. The living Organisms form and interacting set of flora and fauna which are organised into

• Trophic Levels

• Food Chains

• Food webs.

Trophic Levels

• Energy flow generally takes place in a hierarchical order through various levels. These are "Trophic Levels".

Food Chains

• Through various trophic levels the chain of transformation of energy from one group of organisms to another is called, a 'Food Chain'.

Food Web

• A system of interlocking and interdependent food chains is called a "Food Web".

(Trophic level → Food Chain → Food Web)


3. Explain about the aquatic biomes on earth.

Aquatic Biomes

• A group of living organisms that live and interest with one another and its aquatic environment for nutrients and shelter is an"Aquatic Biomes”.

• Aquatic biomes are influenced by a series of a biotic factors.

• There are two classification i) Fresh water Biomes, ii) Marine Biomes

Fresh water Biomes

• This comprises Lakes, Ponds, rivers, streams and wetlands.

Common plants found : Lily, Lotus, duck weeds

Common animals found: Trout, Salmon, turtles, Crocodiles

Marine Biomes

• Marine Biomes, the largest biomes on earth, are continuous bodies of salt water and provide a wide range of habitats for marine plants and animals.

• Coral reefs are a second kind of marine biomes.

• Plants such as kelp, algae, Phytoplankton grow in water.

• Humans use aquatic biomes for water, food and leisure activities. Some of the threats and issues : Overfishing, Pollution, rise in the Sea level.


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