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Plant Breeding | Botany - Choose the Correct Answers | 12th Botany : Chapter 9 : Plant Breeding

Chapter: 12th Botany : Chapter 9 : Plant Breeding

Choose the Correct Answers

Botany : Plant Breeding : Book Back and Important Questions Answers - Multiple Choose the Correct Answers

Botany : Plant Breeding

Choose the Correct Answers



1. Assertion: Genetic variation provides the raw material for selection

Reason: Genetic variations are differences in genotypes of the individuals.

a) Assertion is right and reason is wrong.

b) Assertion is wrong and reason is right.

c) Both reason and assertion is right.

d) Both reason and assertion is wrong.


2. While studying the history of domestication of various cultivated plants _______ were recognized earlier

a) Centres of origin

b) Centres of domestication

c) Centres of hybrid

d) Centres of variation


3. Pick out the odd pair.

a) Mass selection – Morphological characters

b) Purline selection - Repeated self pollination

c) Clonal selection - Sexually propagated

d) Natural selection - Involves nature


4. Match Column I with Column II

Column I : Column II

i) William S. Gaud I) Heterosis

ii) Shull II) Mutation breeding

iii) Cotton Mather III) Green revolution

Muller and Stadler IV) Natural hybridization

a)  i – I, ii – II, iii – III, iv – IV

b)  i – III, ii – I, iii – IV, iv – II

c)  i – IV, ii – II, iii – I, iv – IV

d)  i – II, ii – IV, iii – III, iv – I


5. The quickest method of plant breeding is

a) Introduction

b) Selection

c) Hybridization

d) Mutation breeding


6. Desired improved variety of economically useful crops are raised by

a) Natural Selection

b) hybridization

c) mutation

d) biofertilisers


7. Plants having similar genotypes produced by plant breeding are called

a) clone

b) haploid

c) autopolyploid

d) genome


8. Importing better varieties and plants from outside and acclimatising them to local environment is called

a) cloning

b) heterosis

c) selection

d) introduction


9. Dwarfing gene of wheat is

a) pal 1

b) Atomita 1

c) Norin 10

d) pelita 2


10. Crosses between the plants of the same variety are called

a) interspecific

b) inter varietal

c) intra varietal

d) inter generic


11. Progeny obtained as a result of repeat self pollination a cross pollinated crop to called

a) pure line

b) pedigree line

c) inbreed line

d) heterosis


12. Jaya and Ratna are the semi dwarf varieties of

a) wheat

b) rice

c) cowpea

d) mustard


13. Which one of the following are the species that are crossed to give sugarcane varieties with high sugar, high yield, thick stems and ability to grow in the sugarcane belt of North India?

a) Saccharum robustum and Saccharum officinarum

b) Saccharum barberi and Saccharum officinarum

c) Saccharum sinense and Saccharum officinarum

d) Saccharum barberi and Saccharum robustum


14. Match column I (crop) with column II (Corresponding disease resistant variety) and select the correct option from the given codes.

Column I Column II

I) Cowpea i) Himgiri

II) Wheat ii) Pusa komal

III) Chilli iii) Pusa Sadabahar

IV) Brassica iv) Pusa Swarnim

a) I:iv, II:iii, III:ii, IV:i

b) I:ii, II:i, III:iii, IV:iv

c) I:ii, II:iv, III:i, IV:iii

d) I:i, II:iii, III:iv, IV:ii


15. A wheat variety, Atlas 66 which has been used as a donor for improving cultivated wheat, which is rich in

a) iron

b) carbohydrates

c) proteins

d) vitamins


16. Which one of the following crop varieties correct matches with its resistance to a disease?

Variety Resistance to disease

a) Pusa Komal - Bacterial blight

b) Pusa Sadabahar - White rust

c) Pusa Shubhra - Chilli mosaic virus

d) Brassica - Pusa swarnim


17. Which of the following is incorrectly paired?

a) Wheat - Himgiri

b) Milch breed - Sahiwal

c) Rice - Ratna

d) Pusa Komal - Brassica


18. Match list I with list II

List I : List II

Biofertilizer Organisms

i) Free living N2 a) Aspergillus

ii) Symbiotic N2 b) Amanita

iii) P Solubilizing c) Anabaena azollae

iv) P Mobilizing d) Azotobactor

a. ic, iia, iiib, ivd

b. id, iic, iiia, ivb.

c. ia, iic, iiib, ivd

c. ib, iia, iiid, ivc.


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