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Chapter: 12th Nursing : Chapter 10 : Mental Health Nursing

Characteristics of Mentally Healthy Person

Some Warning Signs of Mental Illness

Characteristics Of Mentally Healthy Person

·  They have self-respect

·  Accept their mistakes

·  Emotionally mature

·  They respect others

·  They maintain a good relationship with others

·  They accept their responsibilities

·  They shape their environment

Some Warning Signs of Mental Illness

·  Change in personality

·  Inability to cope with problems and daily activities

·  Strange ideas

·  Anxiety, assaultive

·  sadness

·  disturbed sleep

·  suicide

·  alcohol intake

·  anger, lonely

Difference Between Mentaly Healthy person and Mentaly Ill person

Mental health team constitutes the following members

·  Psychiatrist

·  Psychiatric Nurse Clinical Specialist

·  Registered Nurse working in a psychiatric unit / hospital

·  Clinical Psychologist

·  Psychiatric social worker.

·  Psychiatric Para-Professionals

·  Psychiatric Aids-ECT Technician

·  Occupational Therapist

·  Recreational Therapist

·  Diversional / Play Therapist / Art Therapist

·  Clergyman (religious leader)

Principles of Psychiatric Nursing

·  Accept the patients as exactly as they are

·  Use self-understanding as a therapeutic tool

·  Use self-awareness when dealing with clients

·  Focuses on the strengths, not on weaknesses of client

·  Views the client’s behavior non-judgmentally

·  Establish and maintain therapeutic nurse –client relationship

·  Ensure clients security

·  Give reassurance to the client in an acceptable manner

·  Change the client’s behavior by emotional experience

·  Avoid approaches which will increase the client’s anxiety

·  Avoid physical and verbal forces as much as possible

·  Maintain the basic principles of nursing while following any procedure

·  Nursing care centered on client as a person

Explain routines and procedures at the client level of understanding


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