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Chapter: 12th Commerce : Chapter 23 : Entrepreneurship Development : Elements of Entrepreneurship

Characteristics of Entrepreneur

1. Spirit of Enterprise 2. Self Confidence 3. Flexibility 4. Innovation 5. Resource Mobilisation 6. Hard work 7. Leadership 8. Foresight 9. Analytical Ability 10. Decision Making

Characteristics of Entrepreneur


1. Spirit of Enterprise

Entrepreneur should be bold enough to encounter risk arising from the venture undertaken. Entreprenuer should not get discouraged by setbacks or frustrations emerging during the course of entrepreneurial journey.


2. Self Confidence

Entrepreneur should have a self confidence in order to achieve high goals in the business. The negativities like inconvenience, discomfort, disappointments, rejections, frustrations and so on should not weaken his steely resolve to make the venture a grand success.


3. Flexibility

Entrepreneur should not doggedly stick to decisions in a rigid fashion. Entrepreneur should change the decisions made already in the light of ever-changing business environment.


4. Innovation

Entrepreneur should contribute something new or something unique to meet the changing requirements of customers namely new product, new method of production or distribution, adding new features to the existing product, uncovering a new territory for business, innovating new raw material etc.,


5. Resource Mobilisation

Entrepreneur should have the capability to mobilise both tangible inputs like manpower, money materials, technology, market, method etc., which are scattered over a wide area and certain intangible inputs like motivation, morale and innovativeness cannot be purchased in the market outright. Entrepreneur has to marshal all these tangible and intangible inputs to produce a product successfully. Thus entrepreneurship is a function of gap filling and input completion.


6. Hard work

Entrepreneur should put in strenuous efforts and constant endeavours to accomplish the goals of the venture successfully. They have to courageously face uncertainties, risks and constraints. They should not blame the uncontrollable factors for the misfortunes experienced during the course of their entrepreneurial venture. They should spend their energy in addressing the issues to stay successful.


7. Leadership

Entrepreneur should be able to influence team members by showing sympathy and empathy so as to enable them to contribute positively towards the goals of the venture. Entrepreneur should lead others from the front and by personal example and should walk the talk and effectively take all the followers to activate the goals of the venture.


8. Foresight

Entrepreneur should have a foresight to visualise future business environment. In other words, Entrepreneur should foresee the likely changes to take place in market, consumer attitude, technological developments etc., and take timely actions accordingly.


9. Analytical Ability

Entrepreneurs should not make decisions on the basis of own prejudice or personal likes and dislikes. Entrepreneur should be able to objectively analyse the situation and act accordingly. They should abstain from taking emotional or hasty decisions when they are overwhelmed by emotions. In simple words Entrepreneur should take rational decisions after examining the various aspects of a problem.


10. Decision Making

Entrepreneur has to take timely and correct decision with regard to nature and type of product to be produced, type of technology to be adopted, type of human assets to be employed, location of the enterprise, size of the unit, volume of production and so on. The very success of any enterprise hinges on prompt, correct and relevant decisions made by the entrepreneur. Entrepreneur should rationally examine the various factors influencing the decision and take appropriate decisions after giving due weight to all the risks embedded in various factors.

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