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Industrial Clusters in Tamil Nadu | Economics | Social Science - Write Brief Answer | 10th Social Science : Economics : Chapter 5 : Industrial Clusters in Tamil Nadu

Chapter: 10th Social Science : Economics : Chapter 5 : Industrial Clusters in Tamil Nadu

Write Brief Answer

VI. Write Brief Answer VII. Case studies VIII. Activity and Project IX. Life Skills - Book Back Important Questions, Answers, Solutions - Social Science : Economics : Industrial Clusters in Tamil Nadu

VI. Write Brief Answer


1. What are the important characteristics of successful industrial clusters?

• Geographical proximity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

• Sectoral specialisation

• Close inter-firm collaboration

• Inter-firm competition based on innovation

• A socio-cultural identity, which facilitates trust

• Multi-skilled workforce

• Active self-help organisations

• Supportive regional and municipal governments.

2. Write about the Textile industry cluster in Tamil Nadu?.

• Tamil Nadu is home to the largest textiles sector in the country.

• Because of the development of cotton textile since the colonial period, Coimbatore is referred to as the Manchester of South India.

• At present most of the spinning mills have moved around Coimbatore city.

• Tamil Nadu is the biggest producer of cotton yarn in India.

• A large number of power loom units are located in Erode and Salem region.


• Tiruppur has a number of firms producing cotton knitwear.

• If accounts for nearly 80% of Indias cotton knitwear exports.

• It is a major producer for domestic market also.

• It is one of the most dynamic clusters in South India.


• Karur is a major center of exports of home furnishings like table cloth, curtains, bedcovers and towels.

Bhavani and Kumarapalayam:

• In Bhavani and Kumarapalayam carpets are produced for domestic and global markets.

Other centres:

• Traditional clusters like Madurai and Kanchipuram are famous for silk and cotton handloom sarees.

3. Write in detail about the types of policies adopted by the Tamil Nadu government to industrialise.


• Industries require skilled human resources.

• To promote literacy and basic arithmetic skills, the state supplies vast technical human resources.

• The state has a number of engineering colleges, polytechnics and industrial training centres.


• The electrification has contributed to the spread of industrialisation to smaller towns and villages in the state.

• Another excellent known infrastructure is transport, especially minor roads that connect rural parts of the state to nearby towns and cities.

• Rural to Urban connectivity helps the small producers to market better because of the combined public and private transport.

Industrial Promotion:

• Apart from this, active policey efforts were made to promote specific sectors and also industrialisation in specific regions.

• Policies have been formulated to promote specific sectors like automobile, auto components, biotechnology and information and communication technology.

• The state has put in place several industrial promotion agencies to provide supporting infrastructure to large, small and medium enterprises.


4. Explain the role of Entreprenuer?

Enterpreneurs play a most important role in the economic growth and development of a country's economy.

• They promote development of industries and help to remove regional disparities by industrialising rural and backward areas.

• They help the country to increase the GDP and Per capita income.

• They promote capital formation by mobilising the idle savings of the citizens and country's export trade.

• Entrepreneurs provide large-scale employment to artisans, technically qualified persons and professionals and try to maximise profit by innovations.

• They enable the people to avail better quality goods at lower prices, which results in the improvement of their standard of living,


VII. Case studies


1. Choose a cluster in Tamil Nadu based on online research and write a note on it.


VIII. Activity and Project


1. Write a note on a cluster or a firm near your school/home based on your observations.


IX. Life Skills


1. Teacher and Students discuss about the entrepreneurs and their activities and Write an a essay in the topic of “If you are like a Entrepreneur”.

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