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Chapter: 1st Maths : Term 3 Unit 4 : Time


Keywords : Time, Earlier, Later, Fast, Slow

Unit 4



Keywords : Time, Earlier,  Later, Fast,  Slow


Travel through

A day with Mugil



Colour the boxes for the morning activities with  and the evening activities with .



• Prepare the flashcards with pictures of daily events which happen from morning to evening. Example: Going to school.

• Ask the students to sit in the circular form.

• Give each student a flashcard.

• The student has to express the event mentioned in the picture flashcard by miming only.

• The remaining students have to identify the miming activity and should say by which time interval the activity will take place.

• Appreciate the group for their correct response and continue the activity till everyone finishes the miming activity.



Changes in time intervals in a day.



Match the activities based on time intervals that occurs.


Try this

Observe the pictures of daily activities and shade  as follows.



Earlier – Later


Try this

Write the sequence of activities from Earlier to Later by 1, 2 and 3.



Observe the pictures and colour the objects based on their stages.



Old – New

Old Television

New Television



Match the old objects with the new objects.


Know More

In olden days, informations were stored in palm leaves. Later books are used instead of palm leaves.



Fast - Slow

Crab moves fast.

Snail moves slow.



Tick () the vehicle which moves fast.


Pleasure time

Let us colour!

Which picture could be coloured neat and fast? why?

First one. Need only one color.



Less time - More time

Small bucket takes less time to fill.

Big bucket takes more time to fill.


Think like a Mathematician

Which spoon will you use to transfer oil from the bowl to the bottle quickly? Why?

Big spoon transfer oil from the bowl to the bottle quickly. It transfers more liquid quantity at every transfer.


Try this

Who will reach the school first? Why?

Boy reaches first. He is near to school.

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