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Tight Corners: Speaking Activity

English Prose: Tight Corners by Edward Verrall Lucas.

Speaking Activity


a.        Work with a partner. Your friend has lost her books just before the annual examination and she is upset. How will you help her? Take up roles and enact the situation.

Malathi : Geetha, I have lost my English and Science books.

Geetha : Oh! What a sad thing! The exam is next week.

Malathi : See, I am in a tight comer.

Geetha : Why not you buy new books ?

Malathi : It will cost me quite a penny. My father won’t allow me.

Geetha : I have a wonderful idea. We will go to our HM, explain your problem and ask his permission to use the Library Books till the exam.

Malathi : Ha! Wonderful. A friend in need is a friend indeed. You are my best friend.

b.        You have recently shifted to a new locality. You cannot find your way home. Your uncle spots you and takes you home. Narrate the incident to the class.

Hai, dear friends! You all know that my family has shifted to a house in Kamarajar street. It is a new locality for me. There are so many crossroads, lanes and by lanes that I am really confused.

Last evening my mother asked me to go to a nearby shop and buy vegetables. I made enquiries and I was directed by people from one lane to another from one by lane to another. I found a shop and bought vegetable. But I could not trace my way back. Luckily my uncle was coming that way on his motorbike. I shouted “uncle, uncle, stop”. He stopped and took me back home. Thus I was in a tight comer and my uncle saved me in time.

c.         As a friend of the narrator, describe how you would have behaved at the auction.

I am the friend of the narrator and I only took him to Christie’s auction house. When my friend made a bid for fun, and was declared the buyer, I was very much upset. I thought it was my duty to save him. So, I would go to the red-faced man who was the first bidder and explain my friend’s situation and plead with him to take the picture and save my friend from a tight comer. Thus I would try to save my friend from a tight comer.

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