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Chapter: Design of Electrical Machines : Introduction

Standard specifications

List of Standard specifications - Design of Electrical Machines

Standard specifications


1.                         Output : kW (for generators), kW or Hp (for motors)


2.                         Voltage : V volt


3.                         Speed : N rpm


4.                         Rating : Continuous or Short time


5.                         Temperature rise: θ0C for an ambient temperature of 400C


6.                         Cooling : Natural or forced cooling


7.                          Type: Generator or motor, separately excited or self-excited-shunt, series, or compound, if compound type of connection – long or short shunt, type of compounding – cumulative or differential, degree of compounding – over, under or level. With or without inter poles, with or without compensating windings,with or without equalizer rings in case of lap winding.


8.                         Voltage regulation ( in case of generators) : Range and method


9.                         Speed control ( in case of motors ) : range and method of control


10.                         Efficiency: must be as for as possible high (As the efficiency increases, cost of the machine also increases).


11.                        Type of enclosure: based on the field of application – totally enclosed, screen protected, drip proof, flame proof, etc.,


12.                        Size of the machine etc.,


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