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Speaking (Public speaking)

Public speaking involves communicating information before a large audience. In public speaking, the information is purposeful and meant to inform, influence or entertain a group of listeners. : i. Prepare on any one of the topics given below and present before your English teacher.



Public speaking involves communicating information before a large audience. In public speaking, the information is purposeful and meant to inform, influence or entertain a group of listeners.


·              Itis our pleasure to introduce our chief guest as the speaker for this evening. We cannot think of a person more qualified to address the audience.

·              Young minds are like sponges and they are looking for the right input to soak it in. We cannot think of a person more suited to this than our guest of honour to whom we extend a warm and hearty welcome.

·              It’s my pride and privilege to introduce our chief guest Mr/Mrs. (or) Thiru/ Thirumathi who is very well known to you because of his service to mankind in the field of education.


·              Respected Chief guest, Principal , teachers, students, ladies, and gentlemen, good evening. It is my honour and privilege to propose the vote of thanks to this august gathering. I would like to thank Principal madam for giving me this opportunity.

·              Today my words are not enough to express my gratitude. On behalf of the organizing committee and our school, I would like to thank our Chief Guest for the day, Mrs./ Mr./Thiru/Thirumathi, who graced the occasion with his/her presence and guidance.

·              We are grateful to all the parents present here, your encouragement has helped us to organise such important events.


I. Prepare on any one of the topics given below and present before your English teacher.

·              Prepare a welcome address on the occasion of Republic day celebration.

Warm greetings and a very warm welcome to all of you present here, with a special mention of our Honourable chief guest, principal, vice principal and all teachers. It gives me immense pleasure to deliver the welcome address on this auspicious occasion. We are here to celebrate one of the most significant events in the History of India. We are gathered to celebrate the 70th Republic day, an event that is cherised by all Indians regardless of age, caste or creed

India got its independence from the British on 15th August 1947. Our Constitution became effective on 26th Jan 1950 which we all celebrate as the Republic Day. I take this opportunity to salute the valiant members of our armed and para-military forces who safeguard the territorial . integrity unmindful of their lives. Let us all gratefully recall the sacrifice of millions of freedom fighters and unsung martyrs, who laid down their lives so that we are a free Republic nation today. They have laid down their lives for the future generation to live freely without any struggle.

“Ask not what your country can do for you,

Ask what you can do for your country”

Let us join hands in eliminating crime, corruption, violence, poverty, unemployment and slavery that are holding our country back from moving towards main stream development. Every individual should make an effort to transform our country into a different place altogether.

Thank You

·              Prepare a Vote of thanks on the occasion of Independence day celebration.

The best and beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even be touched. They must be felt by heart. “Thank you” is one such prayer among them. I consider it a great privilege to propose the vote of thanks to all the dignitaries who have witnessed this independence day celebration a successful and joyful event. I take this opportunity to thankfully remember all our freedom fighters who fought for our well being. We must be grateful to them for without then sacrifices we would have been living a life of struggles. I fall short of words to express my heartfelt gratitude to our chief guest who graced us with his address on the brave deeds of our leaders who fought for our nation’s freedoms. I extend my gratitude to our principal who was the source of energy behind this celebration. Heart felt thanks to all our teachers who always stand by us, guide us and motivate us. I thank all the organizers for their co-operative work and support. Last but not least I thank all the students for being a cheerful and lively audience.

Thank you.

·              Mock anchoring for annual day celebration

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! A warm welcome to our Chief Guest, teachers, organisers and of course my dear friends.

Event: 1 Invocation to Goddess Tamil:

Looks like we have a spectacular Weather, let’s thank god Almighty for that. Let us start this program with the invocation of our Tamil Goddess. I request all of you to stand for that.

(Everyone sings Tamil Goddess’s Invocation)

Thank you.I, Amanda shall be your host for the day. I consider this opportunity a great pleasure. On behalf of the management, I heartily welcome you all to this wonderfiil program which will create some beautiful memories for us all.

We feel honoured to have amidst us, our vibrant chief guest, who has graced us with her presence today. Without much delay let’s open our hearts to the joy to come.

Event: 2 Welcome Address:

I call upon Abdullah of class 10 to deliver the welcome address.

(Abdullah delivers the welcome address)

Thank you Abdullah.

Event: 3 Annual Report:

An annual report will now be read by our respected Principal.

(Principal reads the annual report)

Thank you Ma’m. Our achivements don’t stop these, they will continue to bloom.

Event: 4 Chief Guest Address:

Everyone of here is awaiting for our honourable chief Guest’s address. I invite him on behalf our institution. Welcome Sir/Madam.

(Chief Guest’s Address)

Thank you sir. We are fortunate to have your guidance and support.

Event: 5 Song:

Now this is the time, we have been eagerly waiting since morning. Now prepare yourselves to be drenched in melody, for Sheela of class ‘12’ is going to captivate our hearts with her enchanting song.

(Sheela sings a song)

Thank you Sheela. The song is still echoing in our hearts. 

Way ta Succeed &

Event: 6 Dance:

“We dance for laughters, We dance for hope We are the dancers, We create dreams.”

Next we have a dance performance by Mugil of class ‘8’. I’m sure she will cast a spell on us with her elegant steps. . .

(Mugil dances)

Thank you Mugil. That was indeed a spell casting dance, pure elegance combined with passion. . ' ,

Event: 7 Special drama:

“Dramas are created to tell the truth about life”

Here we have a thought-provoking drama by David and his team, Go ahead and entertain us. (David team’s Drama goes on)

Thank you friends. It was fabulous! You made us think and you have enlightened us.

Event: 8 Vote of Thanks:

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom that springs from the soul”

Tamilarasn of class 12 will propose a vote of thanks.

(Tamilarasan proposes vote of thanks)

Thank you Tamilarasan. Now I request all of you to stand up for the National Anthem.

·              Collect images of some electronic gadgets and play a JAM (just a minute) game by picking one image and talking for a minute about it in your classroom.

Hi friends, I’m about to talk about washing machine. Anyone can use a washing machine. All they have to do is to put the clothes in and push the button, the work is done. It is a time saver. In the sense it does not consume much time to wash the clothes. In times of sickness, a person can use it to wash all their clothes instead of hiring anyone to do all that.

But Washing machines consume a large amount of water compared with manual washing. Electricity charges go up when it’s used continuously. Washing clothes is a great exercise to the body. But with the advent of washing machine, people lack such exercises. So use washing machine only when you really need it, else go with manual washing.

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