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Chapter: 3rd Social Science : Term 1 Unit 4 : Safety


Learning Objectives * Understand the safety measures to avoid accidents * Know about Fire safety * Know about Road safety * Understand the water safety * Know about the electrical safety



Learning Objectives

* Understand the safety measures to avoid accidents

* Know about Fire safety

* Know about Road safety

* Understand the water safety

* Know about the electrical safety

Our life is very precious and important. In our day – to – day life, accidents may occur in home, school, road and other places. We have to be cautious to protect ourselves from dangers. We can be safe by knowing the safety measures and following them.


Reasons for the danger or accident


* Haste / urgency

* Carelessness / Negligence

* Lack of awareness

* Indifference / Contempt

* Violation of rules

* Lack of formal training

* Not following safety measures

In our lives, there are accidents caused by fire, water, vehicles, electricity, toxic organisms, sharp weapons and glassware, pesticides etc.


Fire safety


‘Fire is the man‛s marvelous creation‛

* Fire can create and destroy the things.

* Fire is used in many ways in our everyday life. We should handle it carefully.

Reasons for fire accidents

Fire accidents can occur in the following ways:

* Crackers and explosives

* Electrical short circuit

* Leakage in gas cylinders

* Highly inflammable things like kerosene

How the forest fire occurs?

• The bamboo trees when they forcefully cross each other makes forest fire.

• When the people leave the fire in the forest after using it.

Precautions to avoid fire accidents

1. We should handle the highly inflammable things carefully.

2. The person who cooks can wear cotton clothes. Some types of clothes can easily catch fire.

3. We should close the cylinder valve after cooking.

4. Don’t play with fire.

5. We should be cautious and careful while bursting crackers and elders should be with us when we burst crackers.


Have you ever seen it? If yes, where have you seen it?

• Yes. I have seen in my school

What to do during a fire accident?

1. Use fire extinguisher.

2. Execute fire warning system in buildings.

3. Cover your mouth and nose with wet cloth when the smoke spreads.

4. Use a sack to put off the fire when it spreads over the body of someone. Bring the person to any airy place.

When your clothes get fire:

* You shouldn’t run.

* Drop down and roll on the ground.

(If you run, the fire will spread rapidly)


To inform any fire accident, Dial “101”

What should you not do?

If there is a burn in your skin,

* You shouldn’t put pen ink or coffee powder on it. (If you put, it will infect the burn)

* Don’t prick it with sharp things like needles. (If you prick it, it will infect the burn)


Let us write

How fire is used in our daily life?

• Fire is used for cooking.

• Fire is used to melt the Dhar for making Road.

• Fire is used to make ornaments from gold.

• To burn waste materials.

• To burn candle and incense stick in our home.

• To get light in our home.


Water Safety


‘Water is the elixir of life‛

Water is very important in our daily life.

If we violate the safety rules while bathing in lake, river, waterfalls and sea, accidents will occur.


Have you ever bathed in lake or river? If yes, with whom did you go?

Yes, I took bath in a river with my father.


Whenever we take bath in river or pond, we should go with elders. Only if we know to swim we should go for a bath in a river or a pond.


1. We should not go alone to bath in water bodies.

2. Do not step into the stagnant pond.

3. Do not go beyond the danger zone.

4. Do not peep into the well. It may be deep and dangerous.

5. We have to wear life jacket when we travel in water.


Electrical safety


Electricity has become a necessity for our lives. Times have changed these days that things don’t function without electricity. It is used in houses, factories and other work places. Accidents occur when we use it carelessly.

Precautions :

1. Do not touch switches, plugs or electrical wires with wet hand.

2. Do not touch the iron box and other electrical appliances when they are switched on.

3. Do not play near electrical towers or transformers.

4. Do not climb on electrical posts.

5. Do not insert stick or any other objects into the switch boxes.

6. Do not go near the wires or electrical posts during rains.


Let us write

Write the names of the electrical appliances use in your home:


Iron Box



Washing machine

Air conditioner

Electric stove 


We should not pour water to extinguish the fire caused by electrical short circuit.


Road safety


We must be very careful while traveling on any road. The number of vehicles going on the road is increasing. Most of the accidents are caused by carelessness.

Traffic signals for vehicles

Red : stop

Yellow : Get ready

Green : Go

To avoid accidents,

* Follow traffic rules.

* We must follow the signals of traffic police.

* Do not rush on the road.

* We should wear seat belt when we travel in a car.

* We should wear helmet while riding a two wheeler.

Wear helmet. Save your life.

On the road

* Always walk on the pavement.

* Do not play on the road.

* We should look at the colours of the signal while crossing the road.

Traffic signs for the pedestrians

Red : Stop

Green : Go


1. Have you ever seen these signs?


2. Where did you see?

Infront of my school.


When crossing the road if there is no traffic signal, we have to look at the right, left and right again.

Zebra Crossing

Pedestrians should cross the road only at the zebra crossing. 

The black and white lines of zebra crossing resembles the skin of zebra.

Let us obey rules !


Let us write

Write down the slogans of awareness which you have listened while travelling.

• Don't drink and drive.

• Keep the rules. Rules will keep you safe.

• Wear helmet always while riding vehicles.

• Stop. Get ready. Go.

Traffic Park

There is a traffic park for children in Birla Planetarium in Chennai.

It is a park in which we can learn the rules of the road. One of the intentions of this park is to improve awareness of traffic safety among school children. There we can learn traffic rules easily.


Are there such traffic parks in your area?

No. But I have seen in the T.V. advertisement.


Be safe from Toxic organisms


Pesticides are used to kill insects in our home. We shouldn’t touch these Pesticides. They are very dangerous.

Dangers caused by toxic organisms


* Causes skin redness and itching.

* Causes inflammation of skin. (Inflammation occurs in places like eye lid, Ears and lips.)

* Causes headache, vomiting and giddiness.

We can do first aid and then go to the hospital.


* Do not go near bushes.

* Keep the house and surroundings clean.


The people who work in plantation can apply the mixture of sesame and paraffin oils. If they do so, the insects won’t bite.

Glasswares and Sharp weapons

* Handle the glasswares and sharp weapons carefully.

* They may cause injuries.



* “Our life is precious” If we want to live a healthy life without pain, we need to be cautious.

* Let us, obey the safety rules and live without pain.

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