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Safety | Term 1 Chapter 4 | 3rd Social Science - Questions with Answers | 3rd Social Science : Term 1 Unit 4 : Safety

Chapter: 3rd Social Science : Term 1 Unit 4 : Safety

Questions with Answers

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Safety (Term 1 Chapter 4 | 3rd Social Science)


I. Choose the correct answer from the bracket

(Fire, Water, Electricity, Snake, Traffic light)


1. If touched, It will be hot If left, it will burn

What is it? Answer: Fire

2. I use it everyday. I see it during rainy day.

 What is it? Answer: Water

3. I spread through lines, but I’m not a climber

I help to glow the bulbs.

Who am I ? Answer: Electricity

4. He doesn’t have legs who slithers and wanders in Jungles.

Who is he? Answer: Snake 

5. The one who stands on the road and guides us has three eyes of three colours.

Who is he? Answer: Traffic light 

(Fire, Water, Electricity, Snake, Traffic light)


II. Write True or false

1. We shouldn’t play in the kitchen. (True )

2. We can go to the deep part of the river to bath. (False)

3. Never touch the electrical appliances with wet hand. (True)

4. We should keep the house and surroundings clean. (True)

5. We can play with glassware. (False)

III. Answer the following questions

1. Write some factors that can cause accidents.

* Not following safety measures.

* Haste.

* Carelessness.

* Lack of awareness.

2. What should we do, if our clothes catch fire?

* Use a sack to put off the fire.

* We shouldn't run.

* Drop down and roll on the ground.

3. How should we protect ourselves from accidents caused by electricity?

* We do not touch switches, plugs or electrical wires with wet hand.

* We do not touch the iron box and other electrical appliances when they are switched on.

* We do not play near electrical towers or transformers.

* We do not climb on electrical posts.

4. Where should we cross the road?

* Always walk on the pavement.

* Do not play on the road.

* We should look at the colours of the signal while crossing the road.

5. Mention the names of some toxic organisms.

Scorpion, spider, wasp, snake.


IV. Let us colour.

Traffic light




Write your experience of bursting crackers during Diwali.

• I used small size crackers.

• I burst the crackers where there was nobody

• Mathappu, saram, poothotti which makes no noise. I use them always.

• I never used crackers which make so much of noise.

• I never destroyed our environmental by bursting crackers.

How the forest fire occurs?

• The bamboo trees when they forcefully cross each other makes forest fire.

• When the people leave the fire in the forest after using it.


Have you ever seen it? If yes, where have you seen it?

• Yes. I have seen in my school


Let us write

How fire is used in our daily life?

• Fire is used for cooking.

• Fire is used to melt the Dhar for making Road.

• Fire is used to make ornaments from gold.

• To burn waste materials.

• To burn candle and incense stick in our home.

• To get light in our home.


Have you ever bathed in lake or river? If yes, with whom did you go?

Yes, I took bath in a river with my father.


Let us write

Write the names of the electrical appliances use in your home:


Iron Box



Washing machine

Air conditioner

Electric stove 


1. Have you ever seen these signs?


2. Where did you see?

Infront of my school.


Let us write

Write down the slogans of awareness which you have listened while travelling.

• Don't drink and drive.

• Keep the rules. Rules will keep you safe.

• Wear helmet always while riding vehicles.

• Stop. Get ready. Go.


Are there such traffic parks in your area?

No. But I have seen in the T.V. advertisement.

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