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My Body | Term 1 Chapter 1 | 4th Science - Questions with Answers | 4th Science : Term 1 Unit 1 : My Body

Chapter: 4th Science : Term 1 Unit 1 : My Body

Questions with Answers

4th Science : Term 1 Unit 1 : My Body : Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution, Evaluation; Choose the correct answer, Fill in the blanks, Say True or False, Match the following, Short Answers, Answer briefly, Answer in detail, Questions based on higher order thinking, Student Activities, Student Project

My Body ( Term 1 Chapter 1 | 4th Science )



I. Pick out the odd one.

1. heart, legs, brain, kidney

2. eyes, ears, fingers, lungs

3. fore brain, mid brain, hind brain, nerves


II. Complete the figure with words given in the bracket.

(Kissing on the mouth, Grand parents‛ love, Hitting the buttocks, Pat of dad on head, Parent‛s hug and kisses, Showing awkward pictures)


III. Find the answers from the following clues and circle the words. (First one is done for you)

i. An internal organ. Heart

ii. Organ that helps us to breath. Lungs

iii. An organ removing wastes from our body. Kidney

iv. Unfair and unhealthy touch. Bad touch

v. Everyday we should drink more water.


IV. Say true or false.

1. Head, hand and legs are internal organs. False

2. Heart is made up of muscles. True

3. Muscles are the soft parts that cover our bones. True

4. Brush your teeth once a day. False

5. Father patting you on your head is a good touch. True


V. Choose the correct answer.


1. ____________ is the commanding centre of our body.

a) Heart

b) Lungs

c) Kidney

d) Brain

Answer: d) Brain


2. Food is converted to energy in the ____________.

a) neck

b) heart

c) stomach

d) nose

Answer: c) stomach


3. Every day we should brush our teeth ____________ times.

a) one

b) two

c) three

d) four

Answer: b) two


4. Good touch is a fair and ____________ touch.

a) unhealthy

b) bad

c) unsafe

d) healthy

Answer: d) healthy


5. Drink a lot of ____________ every day.

a) oil

b) water

c) packed juice

d) salt water

Answer: b) water


VI Answer the following questions in one or two sentences.

1. Name the internal organs.

Stomach, lungs, heart and brain are internal organs.

2. What are the functions of brain?

Brain is the commanding centre of our body and it helps us to think and perform various actions. Every action that we do like moving our hands, sitting or walking is possible only because of our brain.

3. List out the food items for healthy mouth and teeth.

 Take plenty of fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

 Drink water or milk instead of sugary juices.

 Eat candy, cake and ice cream as little as possible.

4. How will you take care of your heart and kidney?

Heart - Avoid fatty food

Kidney - Drink more water

5. What do you do when some one touches you and you feel uncomfortable?

If your receive a Bad touch, you must say "Don't touch" in a loud voice. Leave the spot quickly. Tell elders (like parents or teacher) till you get help.


VII. Think and answer.

1. When an unknown person disturbs you, how do you behave? Write in your own words.

I will say in a loud voice "Don't touch". I will leave the spot immediately. I'll tell my parents or teachers about it.

2. Draw the organ which controls all our activities such as thinking, talking, learning etc.,


VIII. Project

1. Make a model of lungs with the help of locally available materials.

2. Make an album with the pictures of internal organs.

Let us Recall

There are some body parts hidden in the table below. Can you spot them?

Try to Answer

1. Brain ( Nose / Brain) is an internal organ.

2. We can see the internal body parts ( True / False).

Let us Play

Memory Chain - A Brain Game (Teacher led activity)

How to play?

1. Make students to sit in a circle.

2. Place a tray with picture cards of different body parts and an empty tray.

3. Now ask a student to pick a card and name the body part and put the card in the other tray.

4. Call the next student. Ask him to pick another card and name the first and the second card.

5. Next student picks a card and tells the name of the first two cards and the new card.

6. In the same way, all the students take the cards one by one and tell the names in the previous cards and the name of the new card also.

Let us Play

Bigger and smaller

(Teacher gives balloons to all the children)

Let us Make


Things we need: Flexible tube, Small funnel, Duct tape, Medium-size balloon and Scissor

Steps to construct:

1. Put the small end of the funnel at both ends of the flexible tube tightly.

2. Tape the funnel and the tube using duct tape.

3. Inflate the balloon to stretch it out.

4. Let the air out and then cut the neck of the balloon.

5. Stretch the remaining part of the balloon tightly over the open end of the funnel, tape it in place.

6. Place the funnel end of the stethoscope on the heart and the other funnel near your ear.

7. Can you listen to the sound of the heart?

Try to Answer

Match the following.

1. Pair of spongy sac - Stomach

2. ‘J‛ shaped bag - Kidney

3. Filters excess water - Brain

4. Command centre - Heart

5. Pumps blood - Lungs


1. Pair of spongy sac - Lungs

2. ‘J‛ shaped bag - Stomach

3. Filters excess water - Kidney

4. Command centre - Brain

5. Pumps blood - Heart

Let us Do

Muscle Activity: How our muscles send information to our brain?

Things we need: 2 large plastic cups, Large bag of rice or beans.


• Blindfold your partner

• Have your partner hold one cup in each hand.

• Take the cups back and add a small amount of beans or rice to one cup.

• Return the cups to your partner‛s hands. Ask him whether they weigh more.

• If your partner says one is heavier, ask him which one?

• Here we understand that weight difference felt by the muscles was sent to the brain as message.

Try to Answer

Tick () the foods that are good for your teeth and cross (x) the food that are bad for your teeth.

Try to Answer

Is it Good touch or Bad touch? Why?

Try to Answer

Look at the pictures and write ‘Good Touch‛ or ‘Bad Touch‛.

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