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Food We Eat | Term 3 Chapter 3 | 2nd English - Questions with Answers (Part 1) | 2nd English : Term 3 Unit 3 : Food We Eat

Chapter: 2nd English : Term 3 Unit 3 : Food We Eat

Questions with Answers (Part 1)

2nd English : Term 3 Unit 3 : Food We Eat : Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution

Let us understand


1. Circle the correct word


2. Fill in the blanks.  

coat dinner floor stones

a. Come in turtle. You are right in time for dinner.

b. Turtle walked across the dirty floor.

c. Spiky filled his pocket with heavy stones.

d. Spiky took off his coat.


3. Listen, think and write.

a. Whom did the turtle visit?

The turtle visited the spider Spiky.

b. Where did the spider sit first?

The spider sat near the bowl of yams.

c. Do you invite your friends to your home?

Yes, I invite my friends to my home.


Let us know

Valli and Chittu are talking about actions

He is Raju. He reads a book.

She is Nila. She reads a book.

They are friends. They read a book.

Why do you say read and not reads?

We say reads, when there is only one person.

Note to the teacher: Teach children that singular pronouns - He, She, It will take an s after the verb in simple present tense and the rest of the pronouns will not take s. Use the table for more practice.


Let us practice

Circle the correct word.

1. He is Mani. He play / plays the guitar. 

2. She is Kala. She sings / sing a song.

3. I am Hari. I eat / eats a banana. 

4. It is a bus. It move / moves on the road.

5. We are friends. We like / likes football. 

6. They are painters. They paint / paints walls.

7. You are tall. You climb / climbs trees. 


Match the following.


Spell check

Fill in the missing letters.


Let us do

Word wall

most than high sure open far near kind call

* Display the words on the word wall.

* Distribute the word cards to all the students.

* Make each child stand up and say the word they have.

* Let the class repeat it.

* Practise with all the words.


Read aloud and circle the words you see on the word wall.

1. Most of us like mangoes.

2. I am sure about this.

3. Come near me.

 4. Call him now.

5. The hill is high.

6. My school is not far.


Read and trace the words.

1. My house is far from here.

2. He is a kind boy.

3. She is taller than me.

4. The park is near my house.


Circle time – Let us talk

A. Let children stand in a circle. Prepare masks of two frogs, two elephants and a rat. Make students wear those masks. ( It can be replaced with placards too.) Invite the frogs to the front. Say, “We are frogs. Our legs are small”.

B. Invite the elephants to the front. Say, “They are elephants. Their ears are big.” Invite the rat to the front. Say, “It is a rat. Its tail is long”. Practise with other students. Make use of other animals also.


Let us practice

  We are sisters. Our hair is long.

  It is an eagle. Its wings are big.

  They are sisters. Their pets are small.

  They are brothers. Their car is blue.

  We are friends. Our houses are near.

  It is a duck. Its beak is yellow.


Choose and write.

We are boys. Our (Our/Their) school is near.

They are kids. Their (Its/Their) hands are small.

It is an owl. Its (Its/Our) eyes are big.


Let us say

Listen to the sound and repeat.


Read aloud

out  loud  cloud  round  found  sound mouth  south  mount  coun

now  town  gown  down  brown  clown fowl  howl  growl  crowd


Read and match the words with their pictures.


Try to read these!

t + r = tr- tree

t + w = tw- twin

 l + f = -lf wolf

p + t = -pt kept

c + t = -ct fact 

Note to the teacher: First, teach the sound /av/ to children. Then, introduce the two different letter clusters for the same sound. Help children relate the sound to the letter clusters.


Let us do

hound round pound ground sprout shout

down town growl frown howl crown

* Display the words on the word wall.

* Prepare word cards with two words on each.

* Distribute it to children.

* Say a word.

* The student with that word will stand up and say it again.

* He/she will read the next word on his/her card.

* The student with that word will get up and read it out.

* Continue till all the children have read it.


1. Circle the odd pair.

1. out- shout     gown – town      growl – howl     south – boil

2. now – how    brown – crown   clown - toy      found – sound

3. mount – count  south – mouth  cloud – proud  sound – boon


2. Read aloud.

The king has a crown. 

I got this gown in the town. 

The clown is in the crowd. 

The mouse is in the house. 

I found the beans sprout. 

The clown fell on the ground. 


What comes next? Tick () the correct one.

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