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Keeping foods safe at picnics

Keeping foods safe at picnics

Use these tips to ensure safe eating at your picnics:
Use an insulated cooler
Put ice or a frozen gel pack on top, with foods to be kept coldest on the bottom.
Pack right from the refrigerator
Keep food cold or frozen to the touch before putting it in your cooler or cold vacuum bottle, such as a thermos.
Wrap all foods separately in plastic
Don't place foods directly on ice that's not of drinking-water quality. Keep raw meat, poultry or fish well wrapped so that drippings don't contaminate other foods.
Don't put your cooler in a hot trunk
Transport your cooler inside your car - not the trunk. Keep it in the shade at your picnic or campsite, and keep the lid on.
  Keep food and utensils covered until serving time
Flies, other insects and household pets can carry salmonella bacteria.
  Keep hot foods hot
Use a vacuum bottle or insulated dish for serving.
Clean your hands
Take along alcohol-based hand sanitizer and disposable hand towels to use before and after working with food.
Remember the 2-hour rule
Return leftovers to your cooler as quickly as possible. Two hours is the maximum time food should be left unrefrigerat-ed - one hour if the temperature is 85 F or higher. If your ice has melted or the gel pack is only cool, discard perishable leftovers.


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