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Important Questions and Answers: System Models and Controllers Building

Mechanical - Mechatronics - System Models and Controllers Building

1.What are the features of an operational amplifier?


1. the input current are almost zero 2.High gain, on the order of a million .


3.High input impedance , low output impedance 4.op-amp amplify dc and ac


2.Define inertance


Fluid interance is due to fluid inertia such as the in a long pipe. It is defined as


I=pressure differential/Rate of change of flow rate


3. What are the steps involved in the operation of a digital controller?


The microprocessor is used to initiate the control mode to process the errors .it is decided by the microprocessor program. The clock signal is used to synchronize the operation in the ADC,DAC and micro processor


4. What do you mean by discrete process controllers?


The process controller which is used to produce discrete pieces of products is called discrete process controllers


5.What are the various stages of operation of an adaptive control system?

1. Non linearity  system 4. estimation        7.computer control

2. Stability theory          5.optimization      8.Sampled systems

3. stochastic control       6. linear system    9.control design

6.Define the term electromechanical systems.


It is device used to transform electrical signal into rotational motion and vice versa eg. potentiometers , motors, generators


7.What are the advantages and disadvantage of PID controller ?


It is used to eliminate the offset problem in P controller and to minimize the error by adjusting the process control outputs


8. What is PI control?


The output of the PI controller is proportional to the linear combination of input error and time integral of input error


9.What are the various control modes in the mechatronics control systems?


1.Two step mode


2.proportional control mode


3.integeral control mode


4.derivate control mode


5.proportional + integral


6.proportional + derivative


7.proportional integral  derivate mode


10.            Define steady state error


Its used to indicate the difference between the set value iput and the ouput after transients have died away


11.list the application of digital system


1. Computrs

2.  2.telephony

3. 3.data processing



12.            List the basic blocks of electrical systems








13.           What are the basic blocks of fluid system 1.hydralic system


2.Pneumatic system


14.            What are the basic blocks of hydraulic systems.


1.hydraulic resistance


2. hydraulicintertance

3. 3. hydraulic capacitance


15.What are basic blocks in pneumatic system


1.pneumatic  resistance


2.pneumaticintertance  3. pneumatic capacitance


16.            What are the basic building blocks of thermal system ?






17.            What is a block diagram ?


It is a diagrammatic representation of the flow of signal . It gives inter relationship between various components

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