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Chapter: Business Science : Managerial Behavior and Effectiveness : Concept of Managerial Effectiveness

Important Questions and Answers: Concept of Managerial Effectiveness

Business Science - Managerial Behavior and Effectiveness - Concept of Managerial Effectiveness

1. Who is an Effective Manager?


An  ―effective‖  manager  takes  responsibility  for  ensuring  that  each  individual  within  his department succeeds and that the team or business unit achieves results.


2. What is managerial effectiveness?


Managerial effectiveness is a leader's ability to achieve desired results. How well he applies his skills and abilities in guiding and directing others determines whether he can effectively meet those results. If he can, his achievements are poised to help the organization gain a competitive edge against rival organizations heading into the future.


3. Define PPP approach?


An effective managerial is one who is positive in his personality i.e, what type of person beis his managerial process product inter dependent of together they make managerial effectiveness.


4. What are Descriptive effective Managerials quality?


Decisive, Aggressive/Assertive, Determined, /energetic, Intelligent.


5. What are Least Descriptive effective managers quality


Amicable, Confirming, Agreeable, conservative, Modest.


6. What are the Important Behaviours of managers?


To set goal realistically, Delegate frequently & effectively, Communicate effectively, Express hostility tactfully.


7. Define product/result?


Open efficiency, High productivity, profit maximisation, organisation growth, Leadership, organisation stability, Employee welfare, Social welfare.


8. What are the Methods of measuring managerial effectiveness?


By casual variables, Intervening variables, Output variables.


9. What you meant by casual variables?


Leadership strategies, Skill & styles, Management decisions, Organisation philosophies objective, policy & structure, Available Technology.


10. What you meant Intervening variable?


Commitment to objectives, Motivation & morale of employees, Communication, Conflict resolvation, Decision making & problem solving.


11. What you meant Output variables?


Production output, Cost, Sales, Profit-earnings, Management-union relations, Ternover.

12. What are the Factors affecting managerial effectiveness?


Economic factor, Govt policies, Political & legal factor, Technological factor, Infra structurak factor, Market factor, International factor.


13. What are the Economic Factors in managerial effectiveness?


Fiscal policy, Monetoary policy, Prices of income trends, Nature of economic system at work, National economic plan, Balance of payment.


14. What are the Govt policies in managerial effectiveness?


Exim policy, Industrial incentives, Credit policy of RBI, Policies regarding Foreign investment, Corporate tax policy, subsidy to various sector and Industrial licensing policy.


15. What are the Political & legal factor in managerial effectiveness?


Form of factor, Idealogy of ruling party, Strength of oppositions, political stability, socio – economic legislations, political legal institutions.


16. What are the Technological factor in managerial effectiveness?


Availability of appropriate technology/technique, Cost of technique transfer, Adoption for foreign technology, R & D facilities, Product & innovational opportunities.


17. What are the Infrastructural factors in managerial effectiveness?


Availability of sources of raw managerials, Prices of input, Availability of power, Availability of manpower, Communication channel.


18.What are the Market factors in managerial effectiveness?


Business strategy, Consumer Behaviour, Demand & supply, Strenth of competitions, Marketing intermediaries, Population growth, Ad & sales promotion, Entry of new competitors.


19. What are the International factors in managerial effectiveness?


World wide technological trend, Balance of payment, Relationship with neighbouring countries, Stability of rate of dollars.


20. What is Efficiency?


Do things right, Solve problems, Safe guard resources, follow duties, lower cost.


21. What is Effectiveness?


Do right things, produce creative alternatives, Optimised resource utilisation, obtain results, Increases profit.


22. What is Approaches of Managerial effectiveness?


Person, process, product approach, Structure approach, Behavioural approach, Personal effectiveness approach.




23. What is Structure Approach?


Rules, Methods, Procedures, Structures.


24. What is Behavioural approach?


Managerial effectiveness is to be seen terms of optimisation rather than maximisation. The effective manager is said to be an optimzer in utlisingall available potential resources.


25. What is Personal effectiveness approach?


Managers personal goals are taken the main area of interest. The manager is perimarily interested in personal effectiveness. The idea behind approach seems to be if managers are possible they are effective.


26. What is High effectiveness?


Self confidence, perceptive, Good listner, Frank Task oriented, Open.


27. What is Low effectiveness?


Unperceptive, Secretive, Percavtion minded, Egocentrie, Closed, Superfician.



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