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Home Management

Home management of common minor ailments are


Home management of common minor ailments are


Eye wash procedure

1.        Eye wash should be done as there is discharge or when eyes are sticky.

2.        Eye wash is done to clean eyes and remove discharge of infective material.



 To clean eyes of excess discharge

 To remove foreign bodies which may be soiled or any chemical

 To reduce inflammation and congestion

 To provide soothing effect to the eyes


Equipment and Articles

·            Bowl

·            Cotton swabs

·            Spoon or forceps

·            Towel, mackintosh

·            Kidney tray

·            Eye pad         

·            Hand washing articles      

·            Facilities to boil the articles       



·            Explain in detail the procedure

·            Wash hands with soap and running water. Let your hands drip from elbow and allow hands to dry in air

·            Boil articles and keep ready near bedside

·            Protect the patient clothing with mackintosh and towel

·            Clean the infected eye first from inner aspect of the eye to outer of the eye.

·            Use one swab for one stroke only Instill any medicine prescribed Wash hands

·            Replace the articles

·            Record the procedure done and followup if required


Health teaching for prevention of conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is easily spread from one person to another, it is very important that others do not use the infected person towel or handkerchief.

·            Wash hands after touching eyes

·            Avoid bathing in canal or pond water

·            Avoid meeting in crowded places

·            Try to use dark glasses, if possible


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