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Chapter: 12th Computer Applications : Chapter 10 : Introduction to Computer Networks

History of Computer Networking and the Internet

The history of computer networks and its development were briefly explained in the table given below

History of Computer Networking and the Internet

The history of computer networks and its development were briefly explained in the table given below


INTERNET Stands for

● INTERnational NETwork (Technology, telecom, intelligence)

● Internet is a network of networks-A global network.

● Internet stands for Interesting Notions Transmitted Electronically Round Newly Engineered Technology.

Now a days the Internet plays a vital role. It provides all the information and services to us. Earlier days if we want anything, we have to go to market and purchase in person. Nowadays we order anything and everything (food, clothes, stationeries, vegetables…etc.) through online(Internet). Online service providers are Flipkart, Amazon, snap deal etc to buy products via Internet and have the product at door steps. Online payments help in sending and receiving money via payment gateway using this Internet. Refer Figure 10.2 for the Evolution of Internet

e-Governance has made our work easy by providing all government information online easily. As Internet provides its service 24x7 - 365 days, people around the world can access the government websites at their own pace.

Merchandising via Internet helps us get good branded products at offer rates through free delivery service.

Powerful search engine can take us to imaginary concept to our hand with all as a text, audio, video, with briefly and by without moving to library, or taking advice from expert. Current affairs can be updated immediately without any delay. For example on olden days Internet Explorer, Yahoo, bing were powerful search engine. Later, Google stepped in with user friendly gmail, youtube, googledrive, google maps, etc. and are useful applications. Students, researchers can get their relevant study and research materials easily via Internet.

Disadvantages of Internet

● Simply wasting the precious time on Internet by surfing, searching unwanted things.

● Lot of unnecessary wrong informations are sometimes posted by some people on their web pages, blog etc.

● Different types of thefts related to money and other valuables can take place through Internet as hackers and viruses are always active around.


The Internet Explosion

Internet is simply defined as the World Wide Web connection of individual networks operated by academic persons,industry people, government, and private parties.

In few years, the Internet built itself as a highly powerful platform that changed our way we do business and the way we communicate. Internet promotes as the universal source of information of billions of people, at work, at home, at school.

As Internet is growing, markable evolution has come mobile technology and social web. These two innovations have changed the life style of people. We may find many communities in social web. Facebook was created in 2004 but today has more than 2,230 million active users. Mobile technology has increased the use of Internet all over the world.

The Internet allows all to be democratic in mass media. Anyone can have a webpage in Internet with very low investment. Similarly any business can reach a very large market directly, economically and fast, no matter of location or size of their business. Almost anyone that who can read and write can have a access and a presence in World Wide Web with very low investment. People everywhere can express and publish their ideas and opinions via blogging.


Growth of Computer Networking

The Internet is a global network of computers linked by high-speed data lines and wireless systems. It is estimated that the Internet links 50 million users in more than 80 countries world wide. This may increase to around 300 million in next five years.

Lot of difficulties were faced by the service providers (including Google) in expanding their residential fiber optic cables Internet service due to increased competition and installation cost from other broadband providers. Even though 4G LTE mobile network was not reached to many parts of world, the industry of telecommunication has been working hard on the development of their next generation “5G” cellular communication Technology. This 5G intense to boost up the speed the mobile connections dramatically. When 4G was initially being developed, companies did not wait to advertise about the 5G efforts.

Figure 10.3 shows Generation of Mobile Networks

Artificial intelligence will help to maintain, manage, and protect the network problems. Now the networks are monitored by algorithm that enables for anomalous build- ups of traffic and activity which may be the result of nasty activities such as (DDos) Distributed Denial -of-Service attacks and attempted hacks. This Artificial Network powering algorithms will become most intelligent; it might find faster and reliable methods of anticipating threats and cleaning networks. Artificial intelligence will be able to predict traffic as it collects and analyzes data in real time.

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