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English : Poem : Ulysses - By Alfred Tennyson: Glossary


drink life to the lees – drink to the very last drop; here ‘live life to the fullest’

scudding – moving rapidly because of the wind

Hyades – a group of stars in the constellation Taurus often associated with rain

vext – (past tense of ‘vex’) upset

to rust unburnish’d – to let go waste, without being used

three suns – three long years

Telemachus – son of Ulysses

smite – strike

furrow  - made in the water by the ship

baths – outer ocean or river that the Greeks believed to surround the flat earth

Happy Isles – a fortunate island situated in the Atlantic Ocean, popularly known as Greek Paradise

Achilles – the greatest of Greek warriors (as an infant his mother dipped into the river Styx, which made him invulnerable everywhere but the feet by which she held him)

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12th English : Poem : Ulysses : Glossary | Ulysses | Poem | By Alfred Tennyson

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