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Chapter: 3rd English : Term 1 Unit 1 : Our Kitchen

The Big Offer (Prose): Questions with Answers

3rd English : Term 1 Unit 1 : Our Kitchen: The Big Offer (Prose): Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution

Let us understand


1. Circle / underline the right word.

knife / recipe book ; fork / spoon ; mixer / pot ; bowl / pan

2. Match the following.

3. Listen, think and write.

( Recipe book Ramu  food  delicious )

a. Who runs the restaurant?

Ramu runs the restaurant.

b. Who was the chef?  

Recipe book was the chef.

c. How was the food?

The food was delicious

d. Why was Ramu happy?

Ramu was happy because the food was ready.



Let us talk 

* Show a flashcard with the action word “stir”.

* Ask children “What do you stir?” with action.

* Make children answer,“I stir sambar.” with action.

* Repeat the steps with flash cards of action words like chop, pour and peel.

* Practise with all the children.


Let us practise

Show the actions and say it to your friend.

Look at the pictures and write the actions.


Let us do

* Make two sets of flashcards with words from the word wall.

* Divide children into two groups.

* Give one set of flashcards to each group.

* Say a word and ask the child with the word to raise their hand.

* The child who raises hand first, gets one point.

* The group with the most points at the end of the game wins.

* Practise with all the children.


Let us say

Listen to the sound and repeat.

oo as  in

Listen and repeat.

book  hook  good  nook     

foot  rook  cook  wool

wood  stood  look  shook       

Circle the words with oo.

good, foot, stood, look, cook, book, wood

Note to the teacher: First teach the sound \mho\ to the children. Then, introduce the letter clusters for the sound to the children. Help the children relate the sound to the letter cluster.


Let us do

• Make one set of flashcards.

• Make the children stand in a circle.

• Give one flashcard to each child.

• Ask any child to read the word in the flashcard.

• If they read correctly, they turn around, and the next child has to read.

• If a child is not able to read, then all children will turn back, and we start from the first child again.

• The game ends if all children in the circle have turned around.

• Practise till children can read the words easily.


Let us practise

Read it to your friend.

This is my book. 

I make toys with wood.

My dad likes to cook.

I shook his hand.

Fill in the blanks.

wood, rook, broom, brook


Let us use

We should always ask before doing anything. We can use “May I_____?” and “Can I _______?” to ask.

Circle Time Activity

* Divide the class into two groups.

* Display some objects on the table like a pen, pencil, book, note, etc.

 * Ask a child from one group to pick an object and ask “Can I use this pencil?”

* Make a child from the other group to answer “Yes, you can.” or “No, you cannot.”

* Practise with all children from both groups.

* Then, reverse the role of the groups and practise with all children.


Let us practise

May I....? go play sit  tell  take

Can  I...? ask read write    eat open

Note to the teacher: Help the children add some suitable words like song, mango, story etc..., to complete the permissions meaningful.

Rearrange the words to make sentence. Then say it to your friend.

tell may I a story ?

May I tell a story

I sing song a can ?

Can I sing a song


Let us know

Let us see how the clown counts the things.

He is confused. He cannot count the last one.

Do you think you can count ‘salt’? 

There are some things that we can count like,

There are some things we cannot count like,

Note to the teacher: Explain children that there are some things we can count and some things we cannot count. Encourage children to use many for things they can count and much for things they cannot count.

Look at the things below and tick if you can count and cross × if you cannot count.

Read the words and tick () the correct box.

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