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Setting Up a Linux Multifunction Server

Follow the steps below to avoid any complications during the hardware installation:



Follow the steps below to avoid any complications during the hardware installation:


1. Confirm that the printer you will use to connect to the DPR-1020 is operating correctly.


2. When you have confirmed that the printer is operating correctly, switch its power OFF.


3. Confirm that your network is operating normally.


4.  Using a CAT 5 Ethernet cable, connect the DPR-1020 Ethernet Port (labelled LAN) to the network.


5. While the printer is turned OFF, connect the USB printer cable to the printer and then to the USB port on the Print Server.


6. Switch on the printer.


7. Insert the power adapter’s output plug into the DC 5V power socket on the rear panel of the Print Server.


8. Connect the other end of the power adapter into a power outlet. This will supply power to the Print Server. The blue LED on the Print Server’s front panel should turn on and the Print Server’s self-test will proceed.




Power ON Self-Test


ü        When the DPR-1020 is powered ON, it automatically performs a Self-Test on each of its major components. The final result of the Self-Test is signaled by the state of the USB LED indicator following the Self-Test. Preliminary to the actual component tests, the three LED indicators are tested to confirm their operation.


ü        Immediately after power-up, all three of the blue LEDs should illuminate steadily for several seconds. Then the USB LED should light OFF simultaneously. Irregularity of any of the three LEDs during these LED tests may mean there is a problem with the LEDs themselves.


ü        The actual component tests immediately follow the LED tests. A normal (no fault) result is signaled by simultaneous flashing of the LEDs three times, followed by a quiescent state with all three LEDs dark.


ü        If the Self-Test routine traps any component error, then following the LED tests the Self-Test will halt and the LEDs will continuously signal the error according to the following table. In the event of any such error signal, contact your dealer for correction of the faulty unit.


Getting Started


Below is a sample network using the DPR-1020. The DPR-1020 has a built- in web configurator that allows users to easily configure the Print Server and manage multiple print queues through TCP/IP.


Auto-Run Installation


Insert the included installation CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive to initiate the auto-run program. If auto-run does not start, click My Computer > [CD ROM Drive Letter].


The content of the installation CD-ROM includes:


Install PS Softwareclick this to install the PS Software, which contains PS-Link and PS-Wizard that can configure more settings for the MFP Server, such as:


o                   Change the IP address


p                   Support the multi-functions (Print/Scan/Copy/Fax) of a MFP printer, GDI printing, and other software from any MFP/GDI printer.


`- Easily add a printer to your computer.


ü                 View Quick Installation Guide click this to preview the Quick Installation Guide in PDF format for step-by-step instructions of the MFP Server Installation.


ü                 View Manual click this to preview the User Manual in PDF format for detailed information regarding the MFP Server.


ü                 Install Acrobat Reader click this to install Acrobat Reader for the viewing and printing of PDF files found in this Installation CD-ROM.


ü                 Exit click to close the Auto-Run program.


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